Jerry Seinfeld Returns To ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’ For Second Season

Jerry Seinfeld has agreed to Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee for a second season on the streaming service Crackle, according to a Friday press release.

The deviously simple concept features the former sitcom star in a different car each episode taking a number of different funny men to area coffee shops and discussing everything from memories to method.

In the first season, the standout episode was a poignant and humorous trip with Michael Richards, formerly Kramer on the Seinfeld sitcom that many critics and fans have branded the greatest television show of all time.

(TV Guidemade it “official” in May 2002, CBS News remembered in a 2009 article.)

Kramer was a fan favorite during the series run, which ended in 1998. After that, Richards struggled on the standup comedy circuit and in 2006, had a massive on-stage meltdown during which he shouted a torrent of racially offensive obscenities at some African-American hecklers.

During an appearance at The Late Show with David Letterman shortly after the incident, reported here by The Washington Post, Richards apologized, claiming that he lost his temper at the hecklers and lashed out in a way that might be outrageous enough to make an impact.

It left an impact, all right.

Since then, roles haven’t come easy, and the appearance with Jerry Seinfeld on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee was one of the few he’d made in six years.

During the 17-minute runtime, Richards appeared to still be changed by the event. There was still some of that good-natured Kramer to be found, but there was also the look of a man, who’d done some soul-searching in his time off.

It’s hard not to watch this footage and be moved by where Richards is emotionally:

His latest credits include the pilot for Giant Baby at TV Land.

The first season of Comedians also brought Seinfeld face-to-face with some other comedy greats like Ricky Gervais, Bob Einstein (aka Super Dave Osbourne), and Alec Baldwin.

Are you a Jerry Seinfeld fan? What do you think of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee?