WWE News: Hall Of Famer Says He Wants Another Match With Triple H

Booker T and Triple H have been in-ring rivals in the past, but the former superstar wants them to face each other one last time in WWE.

During a conversation on the latest episode of his Hall of Fame podcast, by way of Fightful, Booker revealed that he wants to wrestle “The Game” at a Saudi Arabian show. However, he’ll only lace up his boots again if certain demands are met.

According to Booker, a match in the Middle Eastern country would interest him because of the high payday. He said that WWE signs “big checks” to performers who wrestle at those events, and he’d expect to be compensated accordingly.

“For me to get in the ring, the situation would have to be right. I would want to get paid. Somebody might say I’ve wrestled at my place, and yeah that’s my place and my job to teach my students and show them how it’s done sometimes. But yeah I would love to have another match, situations right, with Triple H.”

The Hall of Famer went on to say that there’s a desire among the fans to see him avenge his loss from WrestleMania 19. According to Booker, there were even employees in the promotion at the time who felt the booking decision was a bad idea.

Triple H was the World Champion when they faced each other, but the audience wanted to see him drop the title to Booker. Triple H had held the title for months and defeated numerous big-name talents. Booker, meanwhile, was a popular babyface who seemed primed to dethrone “The Game.”

As Uproxx pointed out, Triple H won the match in controversial fashion after he pinned Booker in a decisive manner. The call was unpopular as the then-champion didn’t make the cover for 30 seconds after hitting him with The Pedigree.

Furthermore, the storyline that led to the match saw Triple H make several disrespectful racial remarks in an effort to attract more heel heat.

Despite losing to Triple H in such a manner, Booker insisted that he wasn’t upset about the decision. He explained that he “[doesn’t] lose sleep over it” because he views wrestling like films. It’s not uncommon for the bad guys to win in movies, and that’s often the case in sports entertainment as well.

Booker’s last WWE match was in 2012, but he hasn’t hung up his boots completely. As The Inquisitr previously documented, he sometimes competes for his own promotion.