Spoilers For Friday’s ‘General Hospital’: Jax Is Worried & Jackie’s Questioning Finn

General Hospital spoilers for Friday’s show indicate that some significant questions are being considered all over Port Charles. Not only will Valentin nudge Anna to face the truth about Peter, but there are developments related to Nina, Finn, and others in town as well.

The General Hospital sneak peek shared via Instagram suggests that Nina will have some ideas about what comes next for her. She was heartbroken and stunned to learn that Nelle had apparently been her biological daughter. She initially shunned Jax over lying to her about it. Now, it seems she will be willing to talk with him, at least briefly.

Jax will tell Nina that he is scared about where she is going with “this.” That would suggest that she has some sort of plan in mind, and it seemingly gives him an uneasy feeling.

Could Nina plan to go after custody of Wiley? General Hospital fans have speculated that might be coming, and it would certainly cause a lot of chaos. She’s angry with Carly and craving a connection with her deceased daughter. Wanting to build some sort of relationship with Wiley would certainly seem like a logical next step.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Jax will be defending Carly during Friday’s episode of General Hospital. That almost certainly will take place during this conversation with Nina, and it seems unlikely that it’ll go over very well.

Some General Hospital viewers had speculated that Nelle might still be alive and come back for Wiley. While that could still happen, it may be that the threat that’s been hinted at regarding Wiley will come from Nina.

General Hospital spoilers have detailed that at some point soon, Michael and Willow would face a significant threat of some nature. The most logical direction for this to head is in relation to Wiley, and now it does seem as if this threat might be connected to Nina.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Finn will forge forward on his plan to get Chase’s DNA tested. He spent years denying the possibility that Chase was his son, not his brother, and now he seems ready to try to find out for certain.

It seems that Finn may fill Jackie in on his decision about this. General Hospital teasers share that she’ll question whether Finn has really thought something through. She would certainly rather that Finn leave all of this alone, but it doesn’t seem that she’ll get her way.

Sonny will talk with Lenny and Phyllis about staying on at the bar and there will be some tense words exchanged at Nathan’s gravesite. General Hospital spoilers hint that the next few weeks will get pretty wild and fans cannot wait.

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