Spoilers & Speculation For ‘General Hospital’: Nelle May Pop Up Alive Soon & Be Tied To Sonny’s Situation

General Hospital spoilers seem to be hinting that the story of Nelle Benson’s complicated life might not be quite as finished as had been previously detailed. She supposedly died after the fall from the cliff by the cabin, but quite a few viewers have always suspected that it would eventually be revealed she didn’t die after all.

If she is still alive, where has she been and when will she pop up again? Some of the teasers from Soap Central do seem to support the possibility that a bombshell development like this could drop soon.

Numerous General Hospital fans believe that she will end up connected to Phyllis, the nurse who is helping Sonny. Of course, Phyllis was the one who turned an infant Nelle over to Frank and his wife decades ago. However, the nurse would have no idea this is the same person she’d wondered about since that day at the rest stop.

“NELLE just HAS to be tied to this bar somehow LOL I mean…PENNSYLVANIA??” one person tweeted.

“They brought her into this for a reason. And she loves to help those in need. If she did rescue Nelle, I doubt she knows who she is,” one viewer speculated of Phyllis in another Twitter post.

The fact that her supposed body was found on the Pennsylvania side of the river was mentioned frequently on General Hospital after her supposed death. Now that Sonny turned up where he’d end up in the emergency room where Phyllis worked, and the bar her husband Lenny manages is in Pennsylvania, it seems like much more than a coincidence.

“Is Nelle going to be another stray working at this bar? lol” another General Hospital fan tweeted.

The second that Phyllis walked into the establishment with Sonny, Lenny made a remark about how she’s always picking up strays. If, in fact, Nelle does pop up in the middle of this, that could be quite the juicy and soapy possibility.

“I still wish Nelle would be revealed to be alive & says she’s Sonny or ‘Mike’s’ wife. And he falls for her LOL,” another tweet suggested.

She is almost always thinking one step ahead, and she surely wouldn’t have told Phyllis too much about who she really was or where she was from. She could be lying low and biding her time, waiting for the right opportunity to shake things up again in Port Charles.

Could it be that Phyllis happened to find her and helped her get on her feet again as another “stray,” as Lenny put it? If so, the first time she happens to run into Sonny could be quite an epic event. Chances seem quite good that Nelle would pretend she didn’t know him and go along with the idea that he’s Mike.

Then, she could maneuver to grow closer and closer to him. As she did this, she would be anxiously awaiting an opportunity to pull the rug out from under Carly and Michael at some point in the future.

At some point, Nina will find out the truth about her biological daughter. It’ll be heartbreaking enough to learn her daughter was dead, but she’ll surely discover that both Jax and Carly knew of this connection and hid it from her.

“Are they using Phyllis Caulfield because somehow Nina will learn Sonny’s alive, and then keep it from Carly when she finds out about Nelle??” someone else suggested on Twitter.

General Hospital spoilers for the weeks ahead tease that Nina will face a stunning turn of events. In addition, Michael and Willow will go forward with their annulment, but find themselves facing a significant threat. Both of those teasers fit with the idea that Nelle will pop up soon, and everybody will be anxious to see if their theories pan out to be right.

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