‘Jail Sucks’ T-Shirt Ironically Worn By Man Arrested For Food Stamp Fraud

A “Jail Sucks” T-shirt was ironically worn by a Florida man who was arrested for food stamp fraud.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Tsarnaev welfare controversy has many worried about where their tax dollars are going. The Tsarnaev family reportedly received over $100k in benefits.

Recently, a Florida food stamp scam was uncovered, with a father and son arrested for allegedly purchasing EBT cards at a discount to their redeemable value and then using the benefits funds to stock store shelves. They would purchase the food stamp money at 20 to 40 to the dollar, which is much lower than the typical rate of 50 cents to the dollar some on welfare employ.

As part of the effort to crack down on Florida’s food stamp fraud, Manatee County Sheriff Office’s launched “Operation Meal Ticket II” which issued 103 arrest warrants and caught 39 people selling their EBT card food stamps for cash using undercover agents.

One of these agents caught Don Castner, age 39, while wearing a “Jail Sucks” T-shirt. The “Jail Sucks” T-shirt has the obvious printed phrase, but also features an illustration of an angry inmate behind bars.

Manatee County Sheriff Brad Steub says the money generated from the EBT card fraud was used to purchase drugs and alcohol.

Don Castner supposedly had to pull off his “Jail Sucks” T-shirt before he was put behind bars himself because he couldn’t afford the $5,000 bond.

Did the irony of a man wearing a “Jail Sucks” T-shirt getting arrested make you laugh? What do you think should be done about food stamp and welfare fraud in general?

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