‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Thursday: Dante’s Pleading With Elizabeth While Anna’s Giving Valentin Updates

Thursday’s episode of General Hospital will focus on Dante’s situation quite a bit according to the latest spoilers. His return to Port Charles was orchestrated under the premise that he’d investigate Peter, but there were a lot of strings attached. He intervened to protect Franco when Alexis went after him with a syringe and now the February 4 show will have some notable progress related to all of this.

The sneak peek shared via Twitter indicates that Dante will plead with Elizabeth. He will ask her to bend the rules just this once, and he’ll be fully dressed and sitting on the edge of his bed in his GH room.

Elizabeth doesn’t appear to be ready to help Dante do whatever it is he has in mind. Whatever he is asking for, General Hospital teasers detail that he’ll be the topic of discussion elsewhere in Port Charles.

The General Hospital preview shows that Anna and Valentin will do some catching up with one another. It seems that he’ll head to Anna’s house and ask if she has answers for him regarding Dante.

Anna appears to be hesitant to answer and perhaps caught a bit off-guard. According to SheKnows Soaps, it seems as if she’ll head into this visit with Valentin knowing that they’ll be discussing this situation. However, she might try to share some information without telling Valentin everything she knows or suspects.

Anna is doing her best to figure out what’s really going on with Dante. However, she has yet to pin down much in the way of specifics. She suspects that Obrecht is involved somehow, but she has no idea that she’s actually crossed paths with her at General Hospital already.

There are a lot of people currently involved in this Dante situation, but virtually nobody knows all of the details. It’s something of a race at this point, as Obrecht tries to take down Peter while Anna digs into the details of Dante’s return home.

Peter is trying to stay a step ahead of anybody and everybody coming after him. He fired Dante, seemingly to keep him at arm’s length, but that will only help him so much for so long.

General Hospital teasers reveal that Anna will be edging closer and closer to the truth regarding Peter. She’s been in denial for a long time now, but it seems soon she’ll have to face the reality that her “son” is not who she wants him to be.

Will Obrecht get the revenge she so desperately desires? Will Peter find a way to avoid accountability once again? General Hospital spoilers signal that Thursday’s show could bring some significant developments that fans won’t want to miss.

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