Spoilers For Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’: Maxie’s Desperate For Support & Looking For Clarity

Emotions will be running high during Thursday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers detail that Maxie’s visit to Nathan’s grave will take a difficult turn when Nina shows up. Peter is scrambling to keep his secrets under wraps and that’ll continue with the February 4 show.

The General Hospital sneak peek posted on Twitter shares a glimpse at the upcoming conversation between Maxie and Nina. During Wednesday’s show, Maxie visited Nathan’s grave and admitted that she was struggling.

Her previous chat with Dante raised some issues she would rather not consider regarding her relationship with Peter. She hoped she’d find some clarity at the gravesite, but General Hospital teasers signal that ultimately may not happen.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Maxie will be struggling as she’s drawn to her past. While she hopes to feel a sense of comfort by spending time at Nathan’s gravesite, she may end up more upset than ever.

General Hospital spoilers from the preview reveal that Nina will end up at that spot as well. Something will prompt Maxie to cry out and ask if what she has to do to get a little acceptance.

It appears that Nina will be quite emotional during this difficult chat as well. It’s understandable that would be the case since Nathan was her brother, and she surely hates to see Maxie in pain. At the same time, it is true that virtually nobody has been terribly supportive of this relationship with Peter.

Those around Maxie have plenty of reasons to worry about her in this relationship with Peter. The walls do seem to be closing in on him, but not quickly enough for General Hospital viewers.

Dante is on a mission to expose him thanks to Obrecht’s obsession. He’s threatened Britt, which certainly won’t work in his favor. In addition, he’s got both Jason and Robert convinced he’s done some very bad things.

In addition to all of that, there’s the fact that Franco is regaining snippets of Drew’s memories. He keeps hearing Peter’s voice, and it’s surely just a matter of time before enough of these memories come flooding back to provide a full picture of what happened all those years ago.

Maxie certainly seems likely to have her heart broken in the coming weeks as Peter’s desperation escalates. Will this all blow up during their double wedding with Finn and Anna?

General Hospital spoilers for the days ahead indicate that Anna will come closer and closer to learning the truth about her “son.” Peter will soon get grilled by Valentin as well. At this point, it does seem as if it’s just a race to see who becomes the first to be able to prove what Peter’s done and fans are ready to watch the fallout.

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