Spoilers For Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’: Franco Considers His Options As Peter Scrambles

During Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital, spoilers suggest that Franco will consider a new path forward in trying to deal with his current medical issues. In addition, Peter will be doing his best to keep his secrets under wraps, but he’s got a lot of people asking questions about him.

Franco had hoped that Dr. Kirk could be the key to resolving his brain issues. Unfortunately, Kirk ended up dead, and Obrecht’s trying to take over the process. In the General Hospital preview for Tuesday shared via Twitter, Franco seemingly considers another option.

He will wonder if perhaps Kevin might be able to help. It’s not clear who he will be talking to at this moment, but he’ll suggest that Kevin might be his best hope.

Kevin does know Franco’s history and did connect him with Kirk. He’s probably the closest Franco has to a legitimate source of help, and they used to have a solid therapist-patient relationship.

The General Hospital sneak peek also suggests that Franco might be running out of time. Will Kevin be willing to help? He almost certainly will, but this is still a messy situation with no clear answers.

As Franco considers his options, Elizabeth will talk to someone about Peter. She’ll question who Peter really is, and viewers know she has no idea just how much there is to learn about the man.

General Hospital spoilers note that Maxie will be sympathetic to Elizabeth’s situation in some sense. Maxie and Liz have had their issues with one another in the past. Now, however, Maxie will have some compassion for her former adversary, perhaps because of The Invader article.

During Tuesday’s show, Maxie and Peter will meet up at the Metro Court. At some point, he will ask his fiancee why she’s defending “him.” Will this be about Franco?

Whomever it is that Maxie is supposedly “defending,” it looks as if she won’t necessarily appreciate this question from Peter.

Unfortunately, for now, Maxie remains entirely unaware of how much her fiance is hiding from her. General Hospital teasers indicate that she’ll keep forging forward with her wedding plans, and she’ll even visit Nathan’s grave this week to seek some comfort regarding her plans.

When will Maxie learn the truth about Peter? Will Franco’s situation be the key to these secrets being revealed?

At this point, Franco doesn’t understand why he’s hearing Peter’s voice or what it ultimately means. Obrecht is using Dante to try to take Peter down too. She was already quite determined, but now learning that he threatened her darling “Britta” will surely make her all the more focused.

Anna will still be digging around regarding Dante, not realizing that this ultimately connects to Peter too. General Hospital spoilers hint that this will soon build to a climax and fans are anxious for the payoff.

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