‘The Young And The Restless’ Viewers Weigh In On Sharon’s Actions With Faith

The Young and the Restless shared some beautiful throwback photos of Sharon and Faith throughout the years on its Twitter account, as seen here. The sudser asked viewers to weigh in on if they thought Sharon should be worried about her teenage daughter’s recent behavior.

Recently, Faith (Alyvia Alyn Lind) struggled after being bullied because of Billy’s (Jason Thompson) exposé about Adam’s (Mark Grossman) misdeeds throughout the year. Her Uncle Adam kidnapped her at birth and made Sharon (Sharon Case) believe she was dead. That situation, added with Sharon’s breast cancer drama, has led to a horrible year for the household’s youngest member. She started hanging out with an older girl, Jordan (Madison Thompson). Together, they’ve been drinking, and she has been caught several times now. The younger girl believes Jordan is her friend, but over and over, but the older teenager seems to be the opposite. She also bullies and peer pressures the Newman granddaughter into doing things she knows are wrong.

For the concerned mom, learning that the teens drank at home alone during the recent ice storm was the last straw. Rey (Jordi Vilasuso) found the cap to the alcohol bottle, which left the girls busted. After Sharon and Nick (Joshua Morrow) talked to her, Sharon went to Crimson Lights and confronted Jordan about leading the younger teen astray. Faith overheard the conversation, and she’s furious with her mother’s interference. She noted that Jordan is her only pal. She’d also had just let her grandmother Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) know that she felt like she’d never get out from Cassie’s shadow.

Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) comforts her daughter, Faith (Aly Lind) on The Young and the Restless.

Viewers chimed in with what they thought Sharon should do to try to help her youngest daughter.

“If Sharon comes on too strong with trying to help Faith, then she will push her further away. She needs to have Faith invite her friend over more, and if her parents act like they like her too much, then that friendship will be over soon,” one fan tweeted.

“Sharon definitely needs to worry about Faith. She also needs to worry about Jordan and do whatever she can to not only help Faith but also help prove that Jordan is not the friend Faith needs and deserves,” a second viewer’s tweet read.

Some wise viewers wanted to see the parents give their daughter a bit of a break while still remaining involved in her life and helping gently guide her through the coming years.

“Absolutely, she should be worried about Faith! We know teens rebel and don’t always have a hold on their emotions, but Faith has a lot going on. Keep an eye on her! Give her space but not too much,” advised a third Twitter user.

It’s arguably a delicate balance because if the parents push too hard, they may spur her to act out even worse. However, if they ignore it completely, they could end up with another tragedy in their family.