Donald Trump’s ‘Trail Of Dirty Money’ Could Put Him In Prison, Report Says

Salon commentator Chauncey Devega spoke to Forbes editor Dan Alexander in an interview published on Tuesday that suggested Donald Trump’s “trail of dirty money” could land him in prison, Raw Story reported.

Alexander — who followed Trump’s money trail in his book White House, Inc.: How Donald Trump Turned the Presidency into a Business — suggested that the legal system’s slow nature means that it might be years before the real estate mogul faces repercussions for his purported dirty dealings.

“We’ll see down the line what the legal effects are of all of the financial information about Donald Trump being made public.”

The Forbes editor paralleled the former president’s case to that of former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who was known for escaping repercussions amid a steady stream of controversy until he was ultimately convicted and sentenced to prison.

Elsewhere, Alexander noted some of the more curious aspects of Trump’s business transactions. In particular, the author discovered that Trump’s most valuable property includes a unit rented by the Qatar Investment Authority. According to the writer, the space was empty when he visited — the only sign of life was a plant that was “totally brown.”

“Connecting the dots: We’ve got Donald Trump’s most valuable property,” he said.

“We’ve got the Qatar Investment Authority, which is a sovereign wealth fund that acts as an arm of the Qatar government, renting space. There doesn’t seem to be any business purpose for this rental. Nobody knows that this rental exists. So then your next natural question is, what is actually going on between the United States and Qatar?”

The author underlined that Trump’s first trip during his time in the White House was to Saudi Arabia, which is feuding with Qatar. Upon returning from the trip, he parroted the Saudis and accused the Qataris of funding terrorism. But after the Qataris began renting the office space — allegedly sometime after February 2018 — the former president invited the emir of Qatar to the White House and praised him for his work fighting terrorism.

Although the Forbes editor acknowledged that this shift is not proof that U.S. policy toward Qatar was influenced by a leasing deal, he noted that you “can’t rule it out, either.”

As The Inquisitr reported, Trump’s campaign was accused by the Campaign Legal Center of using a secretive shell company called American Made Media Consultants to illegally conceal how his team was spending money raised for his presidential bid. Law professor and political columnist Seth Abramson notably called the alleged scheme the largest case of political wire fraud in history.

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