Former Donald Trump Officials Are Reportedly Facing Tough Job Prospects

Former officials from Donald Trump’s administration are facing tough job prospects, The Hill reported.

The publication claimed top U.S. companies have distanced themselves from Republicans after the storming of the Capitol, which has left several ex-officials working at conservative think tanks and organizations as opposed to more lucrative positions as corporate board members or executives.

Ivan Adler, president of Ivan Adler Associates, a lobbyist recruitment firm, predicted many former Trump officials would be forced to lean on friends and family for employment.

“Not everyone, but I think the more political you are, that might be your only option at the moment,” he said.

“Especially now that everyone has sort of hit pause on corporate giving, I think everyone is super sensitive not to seem like they’re signaling something that they don’t intend to by hiring someone who’s recently exited.”

The Hill reported the job prospects of former Trump officials are significantly different than those of officials from Barack Obama’s government. According to a former George W. Bush aide, the Capitol riots that followed a nearby Trump rally are a significant factor in the purportedly curbed job opportunities for Trump officials.

“I think it was going to be harder preelection, it was going to be harder after the election denial circus and again nearly impossible after Jan. 6 for a Trump official to be hired by corporate America.”

The official claimed America’s most affluent corporations are placing a “very tough bar” for Trump appointees to clear should they want to secure employment.

Politico previously reported similar struggles for Trump administration alumni. The publication pointed to conversations with former and then-current officials who claimed their time in the previous government had left a stain on their records. Notably, the outlet spotlighted the difficulties faced by national security officials who worked for the former president at the time and were struggling to find new positions just days before the former head of state was set to leave office.

Olivia Troye, a former Homeland Security and White House official who left the administration late last year, said many employers were questioning the ethics and morals of officials amid the many scandals in the Trump White House. Troye was notably a vocal critic of the former White House’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, which faced criticism for being too hands-off.

Per The Inquisitr, Trump himself has allegedly been struggling to find permanent residence due to his purportedly toxic brand.

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