Sofie Dossi

Contortionist Sofie Dossi Shoots An Arrow With Her Feet And Bryce Hall Catches It

Treva Bowdoin - Author

Jan. 31 2021, Updated 10:22 a.m. ET

Sofie Dossi collaborated with a few male content creators in her latest Instagram video. She got to show off her incredible contortion skills and impeccable aim, while the guys got to prove their bravery.

Sofie, 19, recently headed to the Sway House mansion for a little target practice. The former America’s Got Talent contestant brought a bow and arrow with her, and three members of the collective of TikTok stars volunteered to let her shoot arrows toward them. To make the stunt even more challenging, she did so with her feet.

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For her visit, she wore an outfit that was both stylish and practical. She had on a pair of black leggings that allowed her to contort her bendy body comfortably. They had a high waist and long legs that covered her heels. She coupled her sporty bottoms with a white crop top that featured short puff sleeves and a low neckline. Her springy curls were styled in pigtails.

Sofie brought a pair of handstand canes with her to perform one of her signature tricks. To get into position, she placed one hand on each of the blocks that topped the tall silver poles. While holding her bow and arrow with the toes of her bare left foot, she balanced on her hands and almost did an upside-down split. She curved her body so that her butt nearly touched her head. With her right foot, she pulled the bowstring back.

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Nick Bean was the first volunteer. He stretched one hand out in front of him with a canned beverage balancing on his fingers. He let out a squeal when Sofie easily hit the target, causing liquid to spew out of the can. Brendon Davis and Bryce Hall were up next. They both wore a white motorcycle helmet with a face shield for protection while Sofie shot at cans placed on top of their heads. She didn’t miss either shot.

“I’m alive!” Bryce exclaimed before giving her a hug.

Bryce also participated in another daring trick. He stood a short distance in front of Sofie, and she shot an arrow a few feet to his side. He leaned toward the projectile and caught it while it was in flight.

Sofie’s video garnered over 80,000 likes from her followers, who also left scores of rave reviews in the comments section.

“It was amazing! Just like you,” wrote one admirer.

“You’re so cute and so talented,” another message read.

In another video that amazed her fans, Sofie did a handstand on her canes and balanced on one hand while eating snacks.


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