Michael Cohen Says Reality Winner Needs To Be ‘Immediately Released’

Michael Cohen, who previously worked as former President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, called for the immediate release of Reality Winner on Friday.

The comment was a response to a user who suggested Cohen use his new podcast, Mea Culpa, to speak to Winner’s mother about the documentary on her daughter, United States vs. Reality Winner.

“I communicate with @bjwinnerdavis regularly and also believe that #RealityWinner needs to be immediately released. I will discuss with my production team. We have a great guest lineup coming and she would be equally welcomed,” he tweeted.

The description of the film on Documentary.org claimed that Winner became the top “leak target” of Trump’s administration. As The Inquisitr reported, computer security engineer Micah Lee previously accused the Trump administration of weaponizing the surveillance state to target whistleblowers.

Winner was arrested in 2017 for sending classified National Security Agency intelligence to The Intercept and sentenced in 2018 to five years and three months. The information she sent revealed the extent that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election. Along with Cohen, many other high-profile figures have called for the activist’s release, including actor Mark Hamill, comedian Rosie O’Donnell, and former presidential candidate Marianne Williamson.

Cohen has expressed support for Winner in the past. As reported by Business Insider, Cohen told the publication late last year that he is working to free the former NSA employee. At the time, Winner’s mother spoke highly of the communication she had with the former Trump lawyer.

“We had this amazing conversation. He talked with me about different ways that he could maybe help my daughter — you know, to get a good attorney involved with her team to try to get compassionate release for her.”

After President Joe Biden’s election victory, Cohen slammed the Trump administration and urged the new head of state to reconsider Winner’s imprisonment.

Cohen previously pleaded guilty to lying about Trump’s business dealings and is currently serving a three-year sentence in home confinement. Thus far, Winner has not been able to secure compassionate release, which her mother suggested reflects the hypocrisy of the U.S. justice system.

“As each chapter of this unfolds, I see just how corrupt our system really is, and I see just how powerless the average American is.”

American writer and professor Kerry Howley notably called Winner’s treatment “insane” and said no evidence has suggested that the information she released damaged national security, NBC News reported. Howley also noted that a significant portion of the intelligence is now available to the public.

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