Tim Tebow Rumors Not True, Won’t Have Role With Miami Dolphins

Tim Tebow Not With Dolphins

Tim Tebow rumors that he will play a role with the Miami Dolphins are believed to be false.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that the team has no interest in handing Tebow a major role with the franchise. Tebow was recently released by the New York Jets on waivers, and rumors soon pointed to a possible career in the Canadian Football League.

Sources within the Dolphins organization say they have no interest in signing Tebow. In fact, Tim Tebow has not practiced with the team, and he has never undergone a team physical.

While the team has never said they would rule out a Tim Tebow interview, they also have not jumped at the chance.

Tim Tebow has repeatedly said he wants to rejoin the NFL with a new team, although his chances at signing appear to be slipping away with each and every passing day.

A sign of the changing times for Tebow might very well be the loss of media attention he grew accustomed to over the last two seasons. The fact that Tim Tebow can’t even land a QB2 position doesn’t bode well for his future.

In the meantime, Tebow was recently offered a QB position with the Omaha Beef indoor franchise. The Lingerie League also offered the former NFL quarterback a chance to coach a bunch of women in their underwear.

From starting QB to Lingerie League coaching offers, how quickly they fall in two short years.

Do you think Tim Tebow’sd days in the NFL have passed?