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Halle Berry, 54, Pulls Down Her Pants And Removes Her Waist Slimmer To Show Off her Sweaty Abs

Treva Bowdoin - Author

Jan. 29 2021, Updated 3:19 p.m. ET

Halle Berry likely dropped a few jaws when she dramatically unveiled her abs in her latest “Fitness Friday” share. The 54-year-old Die Another Day Bond girl had to remove a few layers before her sculpted stomach appeared in all its glory.

In the caption of her Instagram post, Halle divulged that her midsection is her “problem area,” so she’s had to work extra hard to get her washboard stomach back after overindulging a bit during the holidays. She also identified the two pieces of workout gear that were featured in her ab reveal video. One of them was a shiny black Everlast sauna suit. The two-piece set featured a baggy silhouette similar to that of a sweatsuit. It was designed to trap body heat so that the wearer would lose water weight by sweating it out.

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The John Wick 3 star was shown pulling her pants down to reveal the skintight blue bottoms that she had on underneath them. She proceeded to peel down the top of this second layer, but there was still one more item to remove before her belly was bare. To make herself perspire even more, she sported a waist slimmer from her own like of fitness gear, Re-spin.

A man behind the camera could be heard asking Halle if she was “going out in the rain” to remove all her layers. She did exactly this by stepping outside, where she found herself in a gorgeous garden full of lush green foliage.

“The moment we trained for,” she said. “The moment of truth.”

As raindrops fell on her, she slowly undid the Velcro on the back of her waist slimmer and removed it. Her chiseled stomach glistened as she delightedly laughed. However, she seemingly still saw the potential for improvement, saying that her abs were “coming back.” She concluded her video by doing a little dance of joy.

The fitness enthusiast revealed that she targets her core by doing an entire ab workout after each of her regular workouts. She directed her followers to her Instagram stories, where she shared four videos of herself demonstrating the exercises that she does to work her abdominal muscles. They can be viewed here until they expire. The moves were ankle-weighted knee-ups, ankle-weighted cross kick-ups, plank pull backs, and weighted sit-ups with a Re-Spin resistance band.

“Omg is this even humanly possible,” read one message left in the comments section of her post.

“You are always so joyful! I just love you. Motivate me!” another admirer wrote.

“I’m sorry Halle… your waist does not look like a problem area,” added a third fan.


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