Racing Games: Top Five On Android

Racing games on Android have become rather common, so here are five apps that may just sate your need for speed.

When you think of racing games, you probably think of those hyper realistic titles with the graphics that blur by when you press the NOS or Turbo button. You probably think of qualifying laps and ramming your opponent into the wall until their car would look better propped up in some backwoods neighbor’s front yard next to a tree-mounted tire swing.

However, with advancements in mobile technology, Android has landed some decent racing games for your phone. Just don’t play them while you’re actually driving.

Grand Prix Story is a title that’s about racing, even if you don’t actually do the racing yourself. It entails managing your driver and his car so you can keep making money off of him. The cartoony graphics and deep gameplay make this Android racing game charming enough to make you forget that you’re basically playing a management simulator. It’s more fun than you might think.

Asphault 7: Heat is one of those titles that tries to be like the Need for Speed series without pushing the graphics too hard. At a single dollar to purchase, it probably won’t break you to see what the fuss is all about.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted is everywhere. It’s pretty much the definition of racing games, and one of the few good games on the Wii U. Now it’s on Android at a hefty seven dollars, but Need for Speed is one of the greats on any gaming system.

Earn to Die is not a typical racing game, but don’t let that stop you. You can upgrade your vehicle to a monster truck if you like, and it’s about running over zombies. If Dead Island has taught us anything, it’s that killing zombies makes almost anything better.

Mini Motor Racing is sort of a Micro Machines version of the top-down racing game. It offers vehicle upgrades, various kinds of vehicles including a school bus, and it was Google’s Editors’ Choice. Need we say more?

What do you think is the best racing game on Android?