WWE News: Hall Of Famer Recalls Being Injured By Brock Lesnar On Two Separate Occasions

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle recently launched his own podcast, and the first episode saw him recall getting injured twice while working with Brock Lesnar. As quoted by WrestlingNews.co, Angle discussed whether or not “The Beast Incarnate” was dangerous in the squared circle. However, he noted that one of the injuries wasn’t Lesnar’s fault.

According to Angle, the first time he got hurt was due to Lesnar swinging him into the turnbuckle in their match at No Way Out 2003. This caused his head to whiplash and force him out of action for a few months.

Angle then went on to explain how the second time was entirely his own fault and it was brought on because of some miscommunication between the pair of them and Chris Benoit.

“We had a show where Brock had to hit Chris Benoit and myself with chairs. Chris told him earlier ‘I want you to swing sideways because of my neck.’ He had surgery on his neck a couple of years prior and didn’t want to reinjure it. I forgot to tell Brock that, so when Brock brought the chair, he brought it hard and went over top, right on top of my head. My vertebrae cracked, three of them cracked immediately and I knew my neck was screwed.”

Angle went on to say that the situation put him in “dire straits” and made him unable to compete for a substantial amount of time. According to the Olympic gold medalist, that was the setback that led to him accepting an on-air personality role as the GM of SmackDown.

The veteran also talked about his decision not to have fusion neck surgery. Angle said that he would have been forced to retire from in-ring competition if he had it, and wasn’t willing to do that because he was in the “prime” of his career when the option was presented to him.

According to Angle, he had the minimal amount of surgery so that he could continue wrestling, but he noted that his decision may have caused long-term damage. The veteran had to have more temporary surgeries afterward, which only made the problem worse in the long run. He opened up about feeling pain every single day. He also revealed that he wants to go under the knife again to fix his problems once and for all.

Angle officially retired from competing in 2019, but he’s still working out on a regular basis. As The Inquisitr previously documented, he recently stated that he’s in great shape at the moment, which led to a legend accusing him of taking steroids.

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