WWE News: Hall Of Famer Accuses Kurt Angle Of Taking Steroids

Kurt Angle lit up social media this week when he shared a picture of himself in excellent shape. WWE Hall of Famer Billy Graham was one of the many people to take notice of Angle’s body transformation, though he cited steroids as the reason for the former World Champion’s appearance.

As documented by WrestlingNews.co, Graham took to Facebook and shared his thoughts on the matter. Despite seemingly criticizing Angle, Graham also revealed how he thinks positively of his fellow Hall of Famer.

“With hard work, eating the right amount of protein, and taking plenty of roids, he has literally transformed himself into another person. I say congratulations to Kurt as I have always liked this man from the first day I met him. Very respectful to me and was and I am sure, still a class act. His quote that went along with this great bodybuilding shot was, ‘Damn it feels good to be able to train hard again… feeling like I’m in my 30s.’ Again, congratulations on having the guts to train hard.”

Graham went on to say that the “juice” isn’t a guaranteed way to look great. He claimed that those who take it still need to train as efficiently as Angle if they want to have an attractive physique.

As the WrestlingNews.co article pointed out, Angle revealed that he currently feels better than he has in years. The Hall of Famer has experienced injury woes throughout his career, but his recent updates suggest that he’s doing better these days.

The legend also looked shredded in the photos. Even though he’s officially retired from in-ring competition, he looked as good as he did back in his wrestling prime.

Angle has attributed his new body to him having a positive frame of mind and drinking plenty of milk. However, as Graham’s words indicated, it’s clear that some people believe that the former Olympian has been taking shortcuts.

Graham being active on social media must come as good news to his fans, at least. The legendary performer has experienced some health problems in recent months, but he appears to have made a recovery.

As The Inquisitr previously documented, he was hospitalized due to a heart attack last year. The incident marked the latest in a string of health scares in recent years, however.

Graham is regarded as one of the most influential superstars in wrestling history. His gimmick directly inspired fellow legends such as Hulk Hogan, whose look is very similar to Graham’s.