Frontier Airlines Adds $100 Carry-On Fee For Some Passengers [Video]

In an attempt to boost revenue and make loyal customers happier, Frontier Airlines will begin charging passengers $100 per carry-on item this summer.

Frontier said Wednesday it will begin charging customers for carry-on bags if the customer is flying on a “basic fare,” an economy ticket purchased on a site other than Frontier’s website,

Those fliers who pay in advance for their carry-on bag will be charged $25, while those who wait to pay at the gate will be forced to cough up $100.

Passengers who buy their tickets on the airline’s website won’t have to pay a carry-on fee.

“With this change, we are ensuring that our most loyal customers – Ascent and Summit level members of EarlyReturns, those who book Economy, Classic and Classic Plus tickets, including all customers who book through, will have more space onboard the aircraft for their carry-on bags,” Frontier CEO David Siegel said in the airline’s announcement.

In addition to the carry-on fee hike, Frontier said it also will begin charging passengers $2 for coffee, tea, soda and juice.

The airline said it would announce the implementation date for the changes later this spring.

More on Frontier Airlines’ carry-on fee in the video below:

Frontier is not the first airline to implement a fee to stow a suitcase in the overhead bins.

Last year, Spirit Airlines raised its fee to $100 for carry-on bags at the gate.

Business Insider notes the new fees are part of the general trend in the airline industry to charge more and more for services that were once considered part of the ticket price.

“I know this is hard for a lot of us to swallow, but airlines have the right to charge as they please,” aviation consultant Michael Boyd told USA Today about the growing trend of airlines tacking on extra fees. “They are not a public service.”

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