Meghan Markle Accused Of Lying By 'High Grade' Palace Source Who Could Testify In Bombshell Lawsuit

Meghan Markle was accused earlier this week of lying in her court case after a mysterious source at the palace claimed they could refute part of the duchess's sworn statements submitted in her lawsuit, per Entertainment Tonight Canada. The accusations come after Meghan had hoped to win her suit against The Mail on Sunday and its parent company, ANL, for publishing a letter she wrote to her father shortly after her 2018 wedding to Prince Harry.

Meghan's lawyers had argued that ANL's decision to publish the private missive was a breach of both privacy and copyright, as the writer of correspondence — and not the recipient — holds the copyright in British law.

Lawyers for The Mail on Sunday argued in return not only that the letter was not private but also that Meghan had wanted its contents to become known. ANL's defense brought up the fact that a close friend of the duchess had discussed the note in People Magazine. It was this publication that reportedly spurred Thomas Markle, Meghan's father, to approach the media with its contents to refute the characterization of the missive.

In addition, the legal team claimed that Meghan had shared the correspondence with multiple people in the palace's communications team, as well as Omid Scobie, a royal reporter who wrote a flattering biography on the Sussexes that was published over the summer.

Meghan had originally denied both sharing the contents of the letter with anyone at the palace as well as any sort of collaboration with Omid Scobie. However, she later changed her statements to admit that ex-communications secretary Jason Knauf had given his feedback on her drafts.

Meghan Markle wears a white blouse.
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Now, it appears that Meghan might have to backtrack on the latter accusation as well after Mail on Sunday editor Ted Verity claimed in a witness statement that he had received "high grade" information from a source that could prove that the duchess did in fact collaborate and give details about the missive to Scobie, including having a member of her staff "fact check" the book.

"This was not gossip or tittle-tattle: it was what I considered to be high-grade information from a serious individual in a position of authority and responsibility who knew the implications of what they were telling me," Verity said of his insider information.

Meanwhile, royal watchers expressed their outrage at the idea that the ex-royal and her legal team had been "caught lying" in her case once more.

"Meghan caught lying in court AGAIN as staff member reveals her deep level of collaboration on biography and letter to father," summarized Twitter user @UKRoyalTea, an American public relations expert.

"Today was a huge ding to [Meghan's] credibility. No matter your feelings on the MoS, Thomas Markle, People Magazine or copyright law, it was laid out very clearly that she has lied and changed her story multiple times, on the record," she added in another tweet.

That said, the accusations remain unproven and will remain so unless the source is called to testify. The judge on the case will decide within the next few weeks whether the allegations will be further investigated, per The Inquisitr.