Newt Gingrich Says Democrats Want To ‘Exterminate’ Republicans

Former Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich said Thursday evening that Democrats want to “exterminate” their Republican colleagues and end conservatism as a political philosophy.

Speaking with Fox News host Sean Hannity, Gingrich argued that President Joe Biden, an avowed moderate, is being controlled by the radical left and fringe elements of the Democratic Party.

Conservatives are concerned about the next four years not because of the president himself, Gingrich said, but because he has surrounded himself with radicals who will stop at nothing to forever destroy the GOP.

“I think you are seeing the hysteria of the Biden system, because it’s not really about Biden himself. It’s his entire team around him who are radicals who believe that they could exterminate the Republicans.”

National unity was the central theme of Biden’s Wednesday inauguration speech, but neither he nor his Democratic colleagues are interested in unifying the country, Gingrich argued.

He conceded that the president hit the right notes during his speech, but suggested that he did not actually mean any of the things he said.

“He’s just the pleasant cover, below which they are methodically trying to destroy conservatism,” Gingrich said of the former Delaware senator.

The former lawmaker pointed to the slew of executive orders Biden issued on his first day in office as evidence that he has been captured by the left flank of his party.

Gingrich told Hannity that “you have to think in terms of the Biden machine, not Biden personally. Biden didn’t personally sit down and draft 17 executive orders — but radicals on his staff did.”

He noted that the new commander-in-chief signed an order disbanding his predecessor Donald Trump’s 1776 Commission because it was a “pro-American, pro-history, pro-fact commission which threatens the very essence of the modern left.”

The 17 executive orders Biden issued on his first day in the White House signaled that he is looking to dismantle Trump’s legacy and undo many of his signature policies, per CNN.

He halted the construction of Trump’s border wall, lifted the so-called Muslim ban, imposed a mask mandate on federal properties and reversed his predecessor’s withdrawals from the Paris Climate Accord and agencies such as the World Health Organization.

One day after Biden issued the directives, GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia filed articles of impeachment against him. She accused the Democrat of using his political connections to enrich members of his family.

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