Donald Trump’s Impeachment Trial ‘Shaping Up To Be A Disaster’ As He Has No Lawyers Or Legal Strategy: Report

Donald Trump is looking at a potentially disastrous impeachment trial as he has no clear strategy — and no legal team that could carry it out if he did — a new report claims.

Bill Palmer, founder of the political news outlet Palmer Report, noted that the former president appears to be in serious trouble as he faces the prospect of being convicted. A prominent critic of Trump, Palmer wrote that he had no lawyers or strategy yet, and does not appear to have much help coming soon.

“To that end, Trump’s Senate impeachment trial could begin as soon as next week – and CNBC is reporting that he still has no lawyers and no legal strategy for the trial,” Palmer wrote. “This is notable because Trump relied on laughably inept lawyers while trying to overthrow the election result, but now he can’t get anyone at all. Even Rudy Giuliani has publicly begged off the trial, citing the fact that he’s involved in the incident that Trump was impeached over.”

He went on to write that this would put Trump at higher odds of being convicted, whenever the vote is held.

Trump may have lost the support of some key Republican allies, drawing sharp criticism for his incitement of the crowd that would go on to attack the U.S. Capitol earlier this month. As Politico reported, Alaska GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski said that his being impeached was “appropriate,” though had not yet said how she planned to vote. As The Inquisitr reported, even longtime ally Geraldo Rivera said he was in favor of his friend being impeached, claiming that the election loss had made him crazy and unable to accept the fact that he lost to Joe Biden.

As CNN reported, McConnell has proposed that Trump’s legal team be given a few weeks to prepare for the upcoming trial, asking that the start be delayed until mid-February. He made the proposal to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, as negotiations between the two party leaders takes place amid confirmation hearings for Biden’s cabinet picks.

Under McConnell’s proposal, the formal reading of the impeachment article would take place on January 28, with Trump being given a week to formally answer the charge and another week after that to submit a brief. He wrote in a statement that it is important not to allow a “half-baked process to short-circuit the due process that former President Trump deserves or damage the Senate or the presidency.”

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