Friday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Franco Needs Scott’s Help While Elizabeth Blasts Jason

Things are escalating quickly with Franco’s medical situation and General Hospital spoilers hint that significant developments are coming with Friday’s show.

The issue with Franco hearing Peter’s voice, but not understanding the significance of it, seems to be escalating. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have many avenues for help now that Dr. Kirk is dead. Despite that roadblock, he’s not giving up.

According to General Hospital teasers from SheKnows Soaps, he’ll turn to his father Scott for help. It seems that he will have something in mind he needs to do, and he’ll hope Scott can step up to be of assistance.

In the General Hospital sneak peek for Friday, a bit of additional information is revealed. Franco will tell Scott that he needs his father to represent him. What is it that he feels he needs legal representation for at this point?

Franco and Elizabeth had a rather intense discussion prior to this. Elizabeth confronted him about the favor he asked Jason to do, and she made it clear she was not happy about it.

The two talked as she questioned why he approached Jason and kept her out of his thinking on this. She also voiced her frustration over how it felt that he was disregarding his wife and the others he’d leave behind if he died.

Could Franco want Scott to get legal paperwork in place related to the idea his health will further deteriorate? He told Liz that all he thought about was her and the boys, so he may hope his father can draw up documents that would connect to this.

While the father-and-son pair discuss this, Liz will blast Jason. General Hospital spoilers detail that she will question Jason about how he would have planned to move forward on her husband’s request.

It seems she’ll be somewhat snarky as she asks Jason what his criteria would be to kill Franco if he got worse. Of course, Jason didn’t initiate this plan, so her fury is somewhat displaced here.

Will he put Elizabeth in her place on this or just let her rant? It’s not necessarily his nature to be baited into a full-blown fight in a scenario like this. Given that, he may just give her an opportunity to let it all out and then calmly set her straight.

Regardless of how Franco and Liz sort this out, General Hospital teasers indicate that this problem won’t be going away. Peter is quite anxious about this, and he even talked Britt into giving him access to the GH system for a few moments.

He said this was related to something he was doing for The Invader. However, Britt checked and found that he’d accessed Franco’s medical records.

She doesn’t know why he would want this, but she’s certainly more suspicious of his motives given everything Jason told her.

General Hospital spoilers haven’t revealed much regarding what’s on the way with this situation of having Drew’s memories connected to Peter resurface. Some additional revelations will come on Friday and the weeks ahead should bring some juicy developments.

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