Spoilers For Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’: Dante & Maxie Connect While Britt Has Doubts About Peter

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday detail that there are developments related to Maxie and Peter on the way. Dante is back in Port Charles and believes he’s on a mission for the WSB to investigate Peter. Maxie is planning her double wedding with Finn and Anna, and fans are hoping that this big event will finally be when the truth about Peter’s shenanigans are revealed.

The General Hospital sneak peek shared on Twitter reveals some tidbits regarding what’s coming with the January 21 show. Anna is seen talking with Kevin, and it seems she’ll be trying to put some puzzle pieces together.

Anna is suspicious of the supposed decision made by the WSB to send Dante home. She’s tried to get him to share more details, but he’s remained tight-lipped. She has no idea what the real story is here, but SheKnows Soaps notes that she’s not done trying to figure it out.

She’ll try to see what Kevin might know, which isn’t much. He knew of Dr. Kirk, but he wasn’t looped in on why Dante was sent back to Port Charles. Even Dante doesn’t know that it was Liesl, not the WSB, who orchestrated this.

The General Hospital preview shows that Dante will spend some time with Maxie. They will have an emotional conversation, and this is surely related to Lulu’s ongoing coma.

Maxie misses her dear friend immensely, and she’s sad that Lulu seemingly won’t be around for the wedding or baby’s birth. Dante misses her too, as they had been on the cusp of reuniting when Lulu was injured.

While Maxie and Dante share a love for Lulu, the same cannot be said when it comes to Peter. Maxie’s excited to build a future with him, but even without his supposed mission, Dante has no love for Peter.

General Hospital teasers suggest that Maxie will have something specific on her mind to talk to Dante about and he’ll be curious what’s up. Will she be hoping he’ll take on a role in the wedding, perhaps?

Elsewhere, Peter will connect with his sister Britt. The two have never had a chance to build much of a relationship, but General Hospital spoilers note that he’ll have a favor to ask of her. However, she may be a bit hesitant.

Jason and Britt will continue the conversation they started during Tuesday’s episode. The preview shows him asking Britt if she’s going to see the truth or if she’ll see simply what she wants to see.

Britt looks anxious as Jason says this, and it may be Peter they’re talking about here. Previously, they were talking about Cyrus.

However, General Hospital teasers indicate that she’ll start to see Peter in a different way. In all likelihood, that’s not going to be a good thing and could come as a result of this talk with Jason.

How and when will the truth about Peter finally be fully exposed? General Hospital viewers are anxiously waiting to see this happen, and it sounds as if the time is coming soon.

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