Here’s The Significance Of Joe Biden Being Sworn In As The 46th President

There was a clear historical significance to Joe Biden being sworn in as the 46th President of the United States. The number is not only connected to the passing of the torch of democracy from the 45th administration to its newest, but it is also significant in that the numerals are the same as the age Biden’s son, Beau, was when he died due to glioblastoma multiforme, the most common form of brain cancer.

Biden’s daughter Ashley spoke about the connection between father and son in an interview with former first daughter, Jenna Bush, for the Today Show.

Ashley said that her brother was a fine man and one of integrity. She said he had a fun, goofy side and a great sense of humor.

“I just miss just being with him, just in the same room saying nothing. He was 46 when he passed. Dad will be the 46th president,” said Ashley to Jenna.

She was seen with the Today show host along with the president’s grandchildren. Hunter’s daughters Naomi, Finnegan, and Maisy and Beau’s daughter, Natalie, joined their aunt for the interview.

Ashley explained to Jenna that she and the president felt her brother’s presence during the campaign. She cited a moment during her father’s campaign when he did well in the South Carolina primary and both she and her father felt Beau’s presence. The two were together in a small church and the hymn “On Eagle’s Wings” began to play, which the president said had always reminded him Beau.

“Dad and I looked at each other, started bawling, hugged, and were like, ‘This is Beau,”’ she admitted. “And then I was like, ‘Beau, did you have to raise us really that far up?'”

Ashley also said that Beau would be with their family in spirit during the inauguration. Ashley admitted that she would just take a moment to be fully present at that moment and said she believed her brother would be so proud Biden.

Beau Biden was one of three children born to the former vice president and his first wife, Neilia. Beau served in Iraq with the Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps. For his service, he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. He was heavily involved in politics and served two terms as Delaware’s Attorney General in 2006 and 2010. He had planned to run for governor of the state in 2016, but his cancer which had previously been in remission, returned before he could achieve his goal. Beau was survived by his wife Hallie Olivere and children Natalie and Robert Hunter Biden II.

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