Tuesday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Jason Has A Warning For Britt

Tuesday's episode of General Hospital will bring Jason and Britt back together again. This dynamic has sparked a great deal of conversation among viewers over the past couple of months. By the looks of things, that might intensify with the January 19 show.

In the past, these two were anything but friendly. However, he's managed to build some level of trust with her as he's pried for information on Cyrus. General Hospital teasers reveal that he'll have reason to warn her about something on Tuesday.

This concern is surely related to Cyrus, and General Hospital teasers from SheKnows Soaps confirm that. Luckily, thanks to previous conversations with both Jason and Brad, Britt is quite leery of her boss now. However, it sounds as if Jason will believe she needs to be even more careful.

At this point, Britt is in something of a tough spot. She knows she can't trust Cyrus. However, she likes her job and he is still her boss so she doesn't want to outright defy him either.

Britt is certainly aware that she needs to make sure that Cyrus doesn't pick up on how close she has started to become with Jason. In a sense, she's walking a tightrope, and it sounds as if that's about to become even more challenging.

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Based on General Hospital spoilers incorporated into the sneak peek for Tuesday, this conversation may become rather heated. Jason will walk into a room at GH and ask someone if it's a bad time. It seems likely that it's Britt he's talking to in this case.

However, the General Hospital preview also shows Britt angry with someone. She'll ask the person what they are accusing her of, and it seems pretty likely it's Jason she's questioning.

Did Jason perhaps accuse her of being too accommodating or cooperative with Cyrus? Even if that is the case, it does sound as if they'll work through this.

In the days ahead, Britt and Jason are apparently going to form a plan of some sort together.

As much as he would like to outright kill Cyrus, Jason has to be cautious in how he deals with his adversary. He knows that the mobster has information about the Dev situation that could cause a lot of trouble.

General Hospital viewers have not missed the fact that the writers seem to put putting Britt and Jason together quite a bit lately. There do seem to be some sparks there, so the possibility that this dynamic could eventually become romantic has been considered by many.

People seem somewhat divided on that possibility. Despite that, General Hospital spoilers hint that this might be a pairing to keep an eye on in the weeks ahead.