Monday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Willow & Michael Face A Difficult Talk

General Hospital spoilers for the episode airing on Monday, January 18 suggest that Willow and Michael might finally be ready to make a decision regarding their marriage. Despite their attraction to one another, they remain pulled toward their exes. Now, teasers from SheKnows Soaps signal that this is about to come to a head.

During Friday’s episode of General Hospital, Chase and Michael did some catching up with one another. Chase had a caution for Michael, but it wasn’t about Willow. It was regarding Sonny’s supposed death and the potential for the mob drama to get crazy in Port Charles.

However, the two men did talk about Willow a bit too. Chase mentioned the kiss he shared with her, believing that Michael was already aware of it. He wasn’t, and the news left him a bit flustered.

Back at the Quartermaine mansion, Willow asked Sasha to stop by. It turned out to be quite the illuminating conversation for Sasha, as she came to learn that Willow was feeling torn between her ex and her husband.

Willow may have been hoping that Sasha could make this easy on her, but she didn’t get what she wanted in that respect.

“I’m so here for Sasha these days. She’s no longer Dollar Store Britt. This counseling has really helped her get away from this crazy quad. Run while you can, sis!” one fan encouraged via Twitter.

“Look at Sasha proving she’s the best & totally deserves better than Michael,” another tweet detailed.

Michael returned home just before Sasha left, and he was surprised to see the two women together. Once Willow and Michael were alone, they agreed that they needed to talk. General Hospital spoilers share that this will continue on Monday.

It will still take until the end of the week for Willow to be ready to make a decision between these two guys. General Hospital teasers hint that she may choose Chase, and move forward with the annulment from Michael. However, viewers aren’t convinced that’s the end of this.

“Dude, she loves them both – even her own admission. And those feelings are strong for Michael, hence Sasha pushing her to share in knowing that. #Millow is still end game. Eat these scraps while you can,” one General Hospital fan bantered via Twitter.

Chase told Finn he was feeling confident he had a shot at reuniting with Willow. However, it seems that General Hospital fans are fairly divided on whether this should happen. Not only that, but quite a few viewers want to see Chase with Brook Lynn and Sasha with Brando.

“I feel for Chase because he thinks everything is gonna be like before but it’s not, Millow have deep feelings for another and Sasha is falling for Brando,” someone pointed out.

Are Willow and Michael destined to be together, or could he end up alone once again? General Hospital spoilers signal that major developments regarding all of this should drop during the week ahead.

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