Friday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Chase Cautions Michael & Willow Has A Question

During Friday’s episode of General Hospital, spoilers indicate that there will be more with the love triangle involving Willow, Michael, and Chase. She recently had dinner with Chase as Sasha comforted Michael, and it seems a resolution to this situation may be on the horizon.

According to SheKnows Soaps, the two men will run into one another during Friday’s episode of General Hospital. The sneak peek for the January 15 show provides a hint of what will take place as the two men talk.

Chase appears to be quite serious as he issues Michael a caution. He will acknowledge that he would be remiss if he neglected to share this concern, and everybody will see what comes next in this conversation on January 15.

Michael appears to be listening intently as Chase speaks. Will Chase tell Michael not to hurt Willow unless he wants to face the wrath of the PCPD detective?

Chase desperately wants to reunite with Willow, and the two shared a kiss during their recent dinner together. At the same time, she and Michael decided not to rush into divorce. They had that impromptu frisky session together in Wiley’s nursery, but they’ve held back on taking things any further.

As for Willow, the General Hospital preview shows her talking with someone. She’ll look anxious or uncertain as she asks the person across from her what happens if they are “the one.”

She’ll be feeling quite conflicted, surely about making a decision between her husband and former boyfriend. Is she talking to one of them as she considers this question, and if so, how will he respond?

General Hospital spoilers hint that she may actually make a decision regarding this dilemma soon. During the episode slated to air on Friday, January 22, she will seemingly be ready to move forward with some conviction. Which guy will she choose?

Many viewers have strong opinions regarding this situation.

“I know we need drama before the ILY’s but we’re ready for the quad to be officially finished. Let Willow find happiness with her husband which is where she wants to be. Free Chase from this pathetic mess he’s been turned into & bring Brook Lynn back for him,” one fan implored on Twitter.

“LOVE Michael and Willow together, their story is just meant to be,” another tweeted.

“‘What if you are the one?’ CAN WILLOW PLEASE be talking to Chase?!” someone else pleaded.

The buzz is that very soon, perhaps during this upcoming conversation, Chase will reveal to Michael that he and Willow kissed. Sometime after that, Willow and Michael will talk. They’ll acknowledge their feelings for one another, but admit they both still have feelings for their exes too.

Not too far down the road, General Hospital spoilers suggest that the annulment will proceed. Soap Central teases, however, that this may not be the end of it.

Michael and Willow will face a threat of some sort down the road. Some viewers suspect could be related to Nelle still being alive or something that would put Wiley’s safety at risk. General Hospital viewers have plenty of theories regarding where they think this will head, and answers should be coming soon.

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