‘General Hospital’ Tuesday Spoilers: Willow & Chase Take A Big Leap Together

During Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital, spoilers tease that Willow and Chase will spend some time together. The two clearly still have very deep feelings for one another, and viewers will be curious to see whether this upcoming event deepens the sparks between them that they’ve been resisting.

The General Hospital preview shared via Twitter shows Chase and Willow together outdoors in their bathing suits. She looks over at him nervously and clasps his hand as a voice is heard telling them to go. The two then take a big jump together.

According to SheKnows Soaps, this is all for charity. It seems they’re doing a jump into icy water in an effort to raise money or bring awareness to a charity effort.

General Hospital teasers suggest that the two don’t initially plan to attend and do this plunge together. However, they bump into one another there and seemingly are paired up to take this big leap.

Will this jump reignite the chemistry and adoration these two have for one another? Despite how much Chase hurt Willow by faking the fling with Sasha, she still clearly loves him a lot. Not only that but, in a moment of uncertainty here, she’ll lean on him for support.

During Monday’s episode of General Hospital, Willow and Michael briefly talked about their complicated relationship. She mentioned that they needed to figure things out before anyone got hurt any further. However, now that he knows Sonny is missing, Michael’s focus is entirely on trying to help find him.

How long will this uncertain dance involving Michael, Willow, Chase, and Sasha continue? General Hospital spoilers suggest that it’ll be a while yet.

Next week, Michael will need comforting and it seems that Sasha is the one to step up for him. For now, all signs point toward more of these somewhat awkward moments popping up over the next few weeks.

What do General Hospital viewers want to see happen? There seem to be plenty of opinions floating around social media.

“Cannot wait for their reunion to come chase and willow belong together. I’m hoping for a Valentine’s day proposal,” one person tweeted.

“Yay, Chillow! Please stop messing with them,” another pleaded.

“I am kinda done with the Chase/Willow/Sasha/Michael romance. That ship has sailed. Break them up,” countered another viewer.

“Willow belongs with Michael. They did all that for the kid,” someone else noted.

Could Michael eventually end up alone once again? General Hospital writers seem to be testing the chemistry between Sasha and Brando, while it certainly seems quite possible that Chase and Willow will eventually reunite.

General Hospital fans will get a sense of what’s ahead with the episode airing on Tuesday, December 29.

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