Donald Trump Will Make Decision On Pardoning Assange, Snowden & Ulbricht ‘By The Weekend,’ Commentator Says

Conservative commentator and One America News Network anchor Jack Posobiec claimed on Thursday that Donald Trump will soon decide whether to pardon Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and Ross Ulbricht.

“Can confirm the President has now seen this poll. His response, ‘We’ll see by the weekend,'” he tweeted.

Posobiec was referring to a Twitter poll he posted earlier in the day that asked Trump supporters whether the outgoing head of state should pardon the trio. The results as of Thursday evening show that 95 percent of respondents — over 67,000 thus far — said yes.

Assange is currently imprisoned in Belmarsh prison in London, England — a facility typically reserved for seasoned criminals. As reported by The New York Times, supporters of the WikiLeaks founder are currently engaged in a last-minute effort to secure the journalist’s release. According to the publication, Assange’s allies are rallying supporters of all political ideologies and enlisting the help of lobbyist Robert Stryk, who has ties to the Trump administration.

“Mr. Stryk said that he was representing Blueprint for Free Speech to seek a pardon for Mr. Assange without pay because of his belief in free speech, and that he would continue pushing for the pardon in the Biden administration if Mr. Trump did not grant it.”

Assange has received support from high-profile figures like Pamela Anderson, who has sounded the alarm on the treatment of the journalist.

Although legal experts believe a pardon for Snowden is not likely, Newsweek wrote that nothing is off the table. The publication pointed to Jeffrey Crouch, assistant professor of politics at American University’s School of Professional & Extended Studies, who highlighted that Republicans are not in agreement on whether Snowden is a traitor or whistleblower who exposed valuable information.

Elsewhere, Miriam Baer, professor of law at Brooklyn Law School, suggested that Trump’s animosity toward the American government could push him to pardon the former CIA employee.

“But given Trump’s negative feelings for the Department of Justice, intelligence community and so-called ‘deep state,’ anything is possible.”

As for Ulbricht, Trump has reportedly expressed sympathy for the 36-year-old Silk Road founder. As The Inquisitr reported, GOP Rep. Thomas Massie recently slammed Ulbricht’s sentencing and said it was the greatest violation of the eighth amendment — which prohibits cruel and unusual punishment — in American history. Massie pointed to the now-imprisoned DEA and Secret Service agents involved in the case and suggested that the crackdown on Ulbricht was due to his use of Bitcoin, which he claimed was considered “illicit” in 2011.

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