Donald Trump Staffers Might Be Looting The White House, CNN Reporter Warns

CNN reporter Jim Acosta on Thursday warned that Donald Trump’s staffers might be looting the White House before Democrat Joe Biden’s administration takes power, Raw Story reported.

“In addition, we are seeing what looks like moving day over here at the White House. You’re seeing things, items coming and going from the West Wing. We saw Larry Kudlow leaving earlier today. Here’s some video of a bust of Abraham Lincoln being carried out of the West Wing,” he said.

“People need to know that the items inside the White House are not giveaways. They’re not souvenirs you can take home. This is not an estate sale or antique roadshow. But yet you’re seeing some White Houses staffers taking mementos with them as they go.”

Acosta noted that White House aide Peter Navarro was caught on camera taking a photo of himself and Trump dealing with the Chinese.

Elsewhere in the discussion, Acosta — who previously accused the White House of being in contact with Capitol rioters — claimed that Trump is essentially “isolated” and not interacting with staffers who aren’t telling him the things he wants to hear. The CNN correspondent said that Vice President Mike Pence is essentially the “de facto president” and is attending national security briefings on inauguration preparation.

As noted by The Blaze social media editor Jessica O’Donnell, journalist Yashar Ali attempted to clear up confusion over the alleged looting. According to Ali, items sent to the White House that are the property of various museums are federal government property and returned after the end of a term like Trump’s. He claimed that Biden’s administration would have the opportunity to select items from museums on loan to be installed in the White House before they arrive.

According to Democracy Journal founder Kenneth Baer, the photo Navarro was captured with belongs to the National Archives, which makes his possession of the item illegal. Baer tweeted that when he left the White House in 2012, he wanted to take a photo of Barack Obama and 2008 World Series Champions Philadelphia Phillies but was not allowed.

PoliticusUSA pointed to the Congressional Research Service, which asserts that gifts more than minimal value that are accepted due to courtesy or protocol may not be kept. These objects, the service said, belong to the United States, and gifts for the president and their family are handled by the National Archives and Records Administration.

Regardless, many have addressed the alleged “looting” on social media.

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