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Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny Makes A Connection & Alexis Receives Support

Stacy Carey - Author

Jan. 14 2021, Updated 8:32 a.m. ET

Thursday’s episode of General Hospital picks up where Tuesday’s ended. Wednesday’s show was preempted due to the impeachment hearing, so ABC shifted everything out by a day. Spoilers reveal that there are some intriguing developments on the way.

The General Hospital sneak peek shared via Twitter details that Olivia and Sam will talk about Alexis. Since the night of Alexis’ arrest, she’s maintained that she had not been driving drunk.

According to Celebrating the Soaps, Olivia will tell Sam that something doesn’t seem to add up about that night. She’ll insist that Alexis needs someone on her side, and soon, the two women will head over to Alexis’ house.

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General Hospital teasers indicate that Alexis will be in rough shape and find a package on her doorstep. It turns out to be a photo album from her time with Julian that Ava found when she was going through her brother’s things. Alexis will go through the album and start cutting up the pictures.

When Sam and Olivia arrive, they see Alexis in the middle of this. The two start to consider that Alexis may well have been telling the truth all along as they notice some details at the home that don’t sync with Tracy’s version of events.

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Sasha will confront Cyrus, and he’ll try to gain some sympathy by talking about Florence going missing. The conversation will be a bit tense, and she’ll have a chat with Brando about it all later.

As for Brando, he’ll have an encounter with Nurse Amy at General Hospital. It seems she’ll be perhaps a bit flirtatious, although he may not pick up on it.

Laura will fill Curtis in on Florence’s disappearance and Sonny’s supposed death. In addition, they’ll talk about his marriage issues.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Jason will reach out to Brick and the two will discuss the state of Sonny’s business. They’ll pursue a lead on someone trying to move drugs through town and head off to check out a warehouse connected to the activity.

Much to their surprise, Jason and Brick will find dead bodies in the warehouse. It will be something that recently happened, and they’ll wonder who would have made such a move.

Interestingly, General Hospital teasers reveal that it may be Cyrus who initiated the ambush at the warehouse. That’s a move that surely wasn’t made to help Jason retain Sonny’s territory.

Sonny was dropped off at an emergency room, and the nurse he talks with will turn out to be Nina’s former nurse Phyllis Caulfield. He won’t remember anything about his life, but she’ll see the engraving on his watch with Mike’s name.

She’ll talk about Port Charles, which seems to spark something in Sonny’s memory. For now, however, she’ll apparently stay connected to him and believe that his name is Mike.

General Hospital spoilers signal that things are going to get pretty wild in Port Charles as Sonny remains missing and Cyrus tries to take advantage of this opportunity.


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