Mitch McConnell Is Reportedly Happy Democrats Are Trying To Impeach Donald Trump

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is pleased with the Democratic Party’s plan to impeach Donald Trump, The New York Times reported.

According to the publication, people close to McConnell claim he believes Trump committed impeachable offenses and is confident that the push for impeachment will make it easier to “purge” him from the Republican Party. McConnell has allegedly indicated that he wants to see the specific article of impeachment against the U.S. leader — which cites one charge of “incitement of insurrection,” per CTV News — that the House of Representatives plans to approve on Wednesday.

“But he has made clear in private discussions that he believes now is the moment to move on from the weakened lame duck, whom he blames for causing Republicans to lose the Senate,” The New York Times reported.

Last week, after the storming of the U.S. Capitol, McConnell took the upper chamber floor and said the “failed insurrection” underscored the importance of ratifying Democrat Joe Biden’s victory.

“Our nation was founded precisely so that the free choice of the American people is what shapes our self-government and determines the destiny of our nation.”

Elsewhere, The New York Times piece noted that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has been asking other Republican lawmakers whether he should call for Trump’s resignation in the wake of the riots. McCarthy has been a longtime Trump ally and has personally voiced opposition to impeachment.

According to CNN, multiple sources told the publication that the relationship between Trump and McConnell has “essentially collapsed.” The news outlet cited one source who said that the pair have not spoken since last Wednesday’s storming of the Capitol, as well as another who said they haven’t spoken since McConnell acknowledged Biden’s victory.

CNN cited a third source who said that McConnell unsuccessfully attempted to speak to Trump after the president refused to sign the coronavirus stimulus bill.

“McConnell has since told others in the wake of the stimulus circus he won’t talk to Trump again,” the publication claimed.

The news outlet also claimed that McConnell has made no commitment to voting for Trump’s removal from office and wants to view Wednesday’s planned legislation first.

The clash between Trump and McConnell on stimulus checks appeared to be the first major shift in the pair’s relationship. As The Inquisitr reported, progressive commentator Sam Seder claimed that Trump’s opposition to the top Republican’s aid legislation was a signal to Georgia voters to turn on the 78-year-old politician and make him lose the Senate.

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