Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jax Opens Up To Josslyn & Maxie Presents A Plan To Nina

During Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital, spoilers indicate that Jax will reconnect with Josslyn over his concerns regarding her safety. He is worried about whether she can stay safe in Port Charles with the mob drama escalating. While they’ve talked about this before, he’s still worried and it seems he’ll be honest with her about his concerns. In addition, the January 12 show will have Maxie excited about a new plan that involves Sasha, although she may have her work cut out for her in terms of convincing Nina to go with it.

According to the General Hospital sneak peek shared via Twitter, Jax will tell Josslyn he’s not sure how far he would go to keep her safe. Nina managed to help him see this situation from another angle last week, and it seems he will try to approach this with a renewed sense of passion while remaining calm.

Josslyn appears to be willing to truly hear what her father has to say about this situation. She doesn’t want to leave Port Charles, but she isn’t oblivious to how dangerous things are getting in town either.

According to General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, Josslyn will be rather level-headed as she navigates this conversation with her dad. Ultimately, the duo will come to an agreement of some sort.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Maxie will come up with a new plan of sorts. Her focus is on Deception these days, but General Hospital teasers suggest that she’ll actually return to her old stomping grounds at Crimson for whatever it is she has in mind.

This means that Maxie will need to get Nina on-board with whatever her idea is, which might be tough considering how this relationship at Crimson ended. On top of that, Maxie’s plan involves Sasha, and that’s a complicated topic too.

General Hospital teasers detail that Maxie will work to convince Nina to put Sasha on the next cover of Crimson. Sasha nearly lost her connection to Deception over her drug use, but Maxie has a lot invested in her. After a tough talk, Maxie promised to help Sasha land on her feet again if she’ll stay clean.

Will Nina go for this? She has a complicated history with Sasha, of course. Despite the falling out they had, Nina was one of the first to step up to help when it became obvious Sasha was using. She might decide to embrace Maxie’s idea, although it will likely take some convincing first.

Tuesday’s episode has drama with Carly and Ava, TJ, Molly, and Brando, and Sonny as well. General Hospital spoilers hint that there are major disagreements and escalating tensions on the way and fans are anxious to see how intense things get.

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