‘General Hospital’ Spoilers & Recap: Sonny’s Whereabouts Are Revealed, But He’s Not Headed Home Yet

During Monday’s episode of General Hospital, it was revealed that Sonny Corinthos was still alive. However, as many viewers had predicted, it looks as if it will be a while before he manages to return to Port Charles.

Although Jason, Carly, and the authorities had exhaustively searched around the bridge where Sonny and Julian fell, the mob boss was nowhere to be found. Last week on General Hospital, Michael was told that the emergency personnel was no longer considering this a search and rescue mission.

To further solidify the idea that the mobster was gone for good, his St. Christopher medal was found near where the bridge collapsed. To Carly, that felt as if it was a true sign that her husband must be gone.

Throughout the January 11 General Hospital show, loved ones arrived at the Corinthos home to pay their respects. Olivia brought manicotti, and others like Sam and Dante joined Carly and the rest of the family as they mourned what they believed was the family patriarch’s death. Jason also talked with Carly in the kitchen about what arrangements had been made regarding the business.

Little did they know, Sonny was still alive and in the woods. At the beginning of Monday’s episode of General Hospital, he was seen lying face-down on the snowy ground and he moved his fingers a bit. His father Mike paid him a ghostly visit and urged him to fight to live.

Sonny was seen with a gash on his forehead and Mike pointed out that his watch had stopped. As the mob boss started to regain consciousness more fully, Mike disappeared. The disoriented mobster stood and looked around before sitting on a rock after calling for Mike to return.

Then, a man happened by and asked what Sonny was doing out there as it was freezing. Sonny held a hand to his head as he simply replied that he didn’t know.

General Hospital spoilers previously hinted that the mob boss would survive this fall, but have amnesia. Now, it appears that’s exactly what the writers have planned. This may be a somewhat predictable storyline decision, but not everybody is opposed to it.

“Probably unpopular opinion here…but I think making Sonny have amnesia is smart. He can go an entirely different direction without being saddled with his past,” one viewer tweeted.

At this point, General Hospital teasers haven’t revealed much about what happens next. SheKnows Soaps notes that Carly will soon be blindsided by Ava, and she’ll face a very difficult decision later this week.

It certainly sounds as though nobody in Port Charles will learn about the mobster’s survival anytime soon. As viewers wait, a few had some snarky suggestions for the General Hospital writers.

“If Sonny finds that POS Morgan alive and living in some cabin, I am DONE (unless it’s a recast),” one person tweeted.

“Sonny are you on the Pennsylvania side of the river??” someone else questioned. This was surely a jab at how Nelle’s dead body was on the Pennsylvania side of the river, a detail that was emphasized quite frequently.

As the week continues, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Jason and Brick will work on what’s next. Carly will be riled up and Cyrus will surely try to make the most of this opportunity.

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