Viral Videos Show Lindsey Graham Surrounded, Harassed By Angry Trump Supporters

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina has long been one of President Donald Trump’s most loyal allies in the U.S. Congress. But, like most of his colleagues, Graham recently accepted reality, embracing Democrat Joe Biden as the next President of the United States.

This, apparently, did not sit well with Trump supporters. According to viral videos posted Friday to Twitter — which can be viewed below — a group of Trump supporters ambushed and surrounded Graham at the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, attacking and harassing the senator for being insufficiently loyal to the commander-in-chief.

As a video clip posted by Politico reporter Daniel Lippman shows, a group of Trump fans surrounded Graham and started shouting obscenities at him. “Traitor, traitor,” the angry crowd chanted, as airport security tried to protect the South Carolina Republican and avoid a potential physical altercation.

A large group of Trump supporters started walking toward Graham, as some took out their phones and began recording the encounter. Among the individuals who attacked the senator were also followers of the QAnon conspiracy theory, according to the footage, which showed a woman wearing a “Q” sweatshirt as she walked toward the senator and screamed at him.

The footage quickly went viral. So far, it has been viewed by over a million people, shared and liked tens of thousands of users.

Conservative activist Mindy Robinson posted a similar clip. In the video, Graham is seen walking toward the exit as a large crowd of Trump fans follows him along, screaming and calling him a “traitor” for not backing the commander-in-chief until the end.

“You know it was rigged! You know it was rigged!” a woman can be heard shouting as others record and harass the South Carolina lawmaker. “It’s gonna be like this forever, wherever you go,” the woman is heard telling Graham, before shouting “audit the vote!” and calling the lawmaker a “piece of sh*t.”

“Lindsey Graham spent years doing Trump’s bidding at every turn and now he’s getting screamed at in airports by QAnon lunatics,” Vox reporter Aaron Rupar pointed out in a tweet.

Commenting on Robinson’s clip, Rupar noted that the angry mob attacked Graham at “an airport in blue northern Virginia. ”

“Imagine if Graham didn’t have a phalanx of security guards and cops with him. Chilling,” he tweeted.

After spending weeks contesting the results of the 2020 presidential election and refusing to admit defeat, Trump formally conceded on Thursday evening. In a video message, Trump condemned the violence and riots at the U.S. Capitol and said that serving as president “has been the honor of my lifetime.”

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