‘Walking With Dinosaurs 3D’ Lands Trailer [Video]

Walking with Dinosaurs 3D just landed a trailer.

Dinosaurs seem to be coming back in popularity. First we had the announcement of Jurassic Park 4, and then the recent release of Jurassic Park 3D. Now we have what appears to be Jurassic Park meets Disney set in the Arctic Circle, Walking with Dinosaurs 3D.

Walking with Dinosaurs 3D plays out the story of two brothers looking to follow in their father’s footsteps when they discover dinosaurs still thriving thousands of years after they were thought extinct. Directors Barry Cook and Neil Nightingale are the men in charge of this prehistoric epic starring Charlie Rowe.

The trailer for Walking with Dinosaurs 3D begins with pterodactyls flying like seagulls against a placid lake and mountains with lush trees in the visible distance. We then see a nest of baby triceratops being nuzzled by a grown-up triceratops as the grown-up spits food into the ditch where they wait. One of the babies starts fighting to get some of it as others push the one back.

The voiceover starts, “He was the smallest in the herd, trying to find his place in a great big world.”

The baby tries getting chummy with a bird, and then jumps out of the nest to sneak between the legs of another full-grown dinosaur. It stops and stares in wonder from beneath an ankylosaurus.

We see the words “This Christmas” in front of a mountain range as the voiceover speaks it out loud and another pterodactyl flies by the camera. Then we see a whole field of dinosaurs as one turns its head and roars. The voiceover continues, “An epic journey will begin.” We see what appears to be an exodus of dinosaurs across the wild.

Then a tyrannosaurus attacks the herd, sending the baby into the river only to be picked on by two pterodactyls.

“And one courageous survivor will grow to become their biggest hero.”

The rest of the trailer is above.

What do you think of the trailer for Walking with Dinosaurs 3D?