Man Severely Beaten In Theater During GI-Joe: Retaliation

A man was severely beaten in the theater while watching GI-Joe: Retaliation. Three people were arrested for attacking the man in a Kentucky Rave Cinemas movie theater, causing him serious injury.

The man, identified only as "Richard," and his wife, were at the theater watching GI-Joe: Retaliation late Saturday night. As they attempted to exit the theater, Richard was allegedly assaulted by three young adults.

Aaron A. Billups, age 23, Amanda A. Stanley, age 24, and Vanessia J. Stanley, age 28, were later arrested for the attack.

As reported by WDRB, the incident started when Amanda spilled her drink on Richard as he and his wife tried to leave. Shortly thereafter, Aaron reportedly pushed Richard to the ground.

Richard was allegedly kicked and hit multiple times by his attackers. He explains that he "kept trying to get up and get away... was screaming for help trying to get away -- screaming for police or anyone to stop this."

He and his wife state that they begged them to stop for at least 10 minutes before security arrived to assist them. Another moviegoer eventually assisted Richard, moving the attackers away from him.

Authorities arrested the two women and one man for second degree assault and public intoxication. Police report that one of the women, Amanda Stanley, was combative and resisted arrest, stating that she "was trained by the military" to fight and shoot.

Richard was taken to Norton Audubon Hospital for treatment. He was diagnosed with a fracture to his orbital bone and multiple cuts and bruises from the severe beating.

The suspects have stated that they were acting in self-defense. It is unknown whether a verbal exchange preceded the physical attack.

As reported by WHAS 11, Jeremy Nelson, Richard's attorney, has stated that his client is considering legal action. He contends that lack of security caused him to be severely beaten in the theater while watching GI-Joe: Retaliation.

He argues that theaters need to have reliable security, especially considering the mass shooting in an Aurora, Colorado theater that left 12 people dead last year.