Joe Biden Would Be ‘In Prison Tomorrow’ If Republican Party Had Its Way, Writer Says

Journalist Kelli Boyle on Monday addressed top Democrat Rep. Hakeem Jeffries’ suggestion that the House of Representatives will not be impeaching Donald Trump for his phone call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

“[I]f this were the other way around the GOP would have Biden in prison tomorrow,” she tweeted. “[I]t’s never surprising but it’s always mind-numbing to see how bad Dems in congress are at their jobs.”

The Republican Party and its supporters have suggested an impeachment probe into Joe Biden on many occasions. As The Inquisitr reported, radio host Jesse Kelly recently argued that the GOP should already have a plan ready for Biden’s impeachment — whatever the reason might be. Elsewhere, Fox News host Sean Hannity claimed Biden could be impeached for his son’s business dealings in China, and Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow argued that the Democrat should face charges as a government official on his first day in office.

Trump himself has expressed his desire to see Biden arrested, The Washington Post reported.

“He’s a criminal,” he allegedly said during a campaign discussion before the election.

During the same talk, Trump reportedly said that Biden should be “in jail.”

Outside of the GOP, Ohio Green Party congressional candidate Joe Manchik accused Biden — who he called a “fascist” — of committing war crimes due to his role in supporting the initiation of the Iraq War.

Although the Democratic Party has impeached Trump on two charges thus far, they don’t appear set to pursue a second probe. According to Jeffries, the lower chamber is “not looking backwards” and instead “looking forward.” Nevertheless, calls for Trump’s impeachment and post-presidency prosecution have continued.

“Trump should obviously be immediately impeached and removed for the Georgia call, right? We’re just not pushing it because he’ll be gone in a couple of weeks?” tweeted progressive commentator David Pakman.

Attorney Seth Abramson argued in a Twitter thread this week that Trump’s call — during which he pressured Raffensperger to “find” votes and overturn Biden’s electoral victory — is evidence of a federal crime per 52 U.S. Code Section 20511. He asserted that Trump could be punished for his purported crime by a maximum of five years in prison.

Per CBC, Rick Hasen of the University of California Irvine, an expert in American election law, said Trump should be charged but will not likely face prosecution.

“His prosecution would be unlikely given the difficulties of proving intent and going after a former president,” he said.

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