‘Neverwinter’ Launches Open Beta (Video)

Dungeons and Dragons Neverwinter has officially launched its open beta mode.

Developers Perfect World Entertainment announced through press release that the free to download and play MMORPG is going to open who all who want to play from now on.

The game had previously allowed for short weekend access to the beta versions this spring but this will allow more gamers access to the title.

Along with this new offering, players will have full access to something called the Foundry, which will allow them to rebuild the city after repeated attacks from Valindra Shadowmantle’s forces.

Neverwinter’s Foundry mode also means that the world in which the players is that much bigger. The open campaign style will allow gamers to choose whether they want to just adventure around or take on specific missions.

Users will also be able to publish their own adventures to the gaming community. Players can also read other adventures and accomplishments from other gamers and actually tip them in game currency for those accomplishments if they are suitably impressed.

Along with the game itself, the developers have added a new feature to their web gateway. This means that people can check their in game status using not only their desktops but also a slew of mobile devices.

Neverwinter screen

Through the mobile web portal, players can create a character, buy and sell at the game’s Auction House and monitor their guild activity.

Daily events and access to a player’s mailbox is also now included in this particular web portal. That would seemingly give this MMORPG a leg up on other free-to-play MMOS.

Should you want to sign up and play in this new open beta you just need to head on over to www.playneverwinter.com. While it is free-to-play you can also use real money to buy weapons, powerups and more.

Check out a video of the Dungeons and Dragons Neverwinter opening cinematic and tell us what you think.