Donald Trump’s Former Republican Party Allies ‘Deserve To Be Eaten’ By His ‘Cult,’ Writer Says

Amid a growing division in the Republican Party centered around President Donald Trump’s battle against the 2020 election results, writer Stefanie Williams used a Saturday Twitter thread to argue that the president’s former allies deserve the retribution they are facing from the head of state’s supporters.

“Donald Trump has successfully turned the GOP into a cult that worships not America, not even religion or guns anymore, but Donald Trump,” she tweeted.

Williams pointed to lawyer Lin Wood — who has helped the president in his legal battles — and his recent call for Pence to be arrested for treason and face execution by a firing squad. She accused many Republican officials of ignoring Trump’s “batsh*ttery” for their own personal gain and claimed they did so because they were not facing any of the consequences of the president’s “uncouth behavior” at the time.

The writer argued that all members of the Republican Party could become targeted by Trump’s supporters like Pence, Attorney General William Barr, and other MAGA allies have been. According to Williams, the GOP has “lost all control of its party” and its voters.

“The GOP deserves this. They allowed this to happen because for a moment, it benefited them,” she concluded her thread.

“They unleashed these monsters onto a society they didn’t care about. But suddenly, the monsters realized there’s a meal waiting for them back home, and they’ve come back to feast. They deserve to be eaten.”

As reported by The Daily Caller, Republican pollster Frank Luntz previously warned that Trump’s recent behavior could cause the Republican Party to lose control of the Senate. The comment came amid Wood’s call for Georgia voters to boycott the state’s Senate runoffs, which will determine if Republicans maintain control of the upper chamber. As noted by The Independent, Wood previously suggested that the runoffs are not secure.

“We can’t live in a republic, a free republic unless we know our votes are legal and secure,” he said.

Per MarketWatch, betting markets are leaning toward Republican victories in the races, while pollsters have given the edges to Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue’s Democratic challengers — Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff.

For weeks, the Republican Party has been worried about Trump’s potential to destroy the coalition’s chances at retaining congressional power. According to The Independent, one source familiar with Trump’s mental state said there is a 50-50 chance that the commander-in-chief ruins both Loeffler and Perdue’s political races.

As The Inquisitr reported, former Clinton official Joe Lockhart claimed that Trump is attempting to destroy the Republican Party on his way out of the White House.

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