6 Awesome “I bet you didn’t think you could do that with Lego”

As a kid growing up I played with Lego blocks but the idea of creating anything beyond a block house and a wall was … well .. beyond even my active imagination. So when I see works like this I am amazed at the ability to take something as simple as a Lego block and literally create works of art.

Awesome stuff.

Top image – portion of a larger work by Henry Lim that uses a total of 20,000 Lego pieces.


Another incredible Lego masterpiece from Henry Kim that uses over 100,000 Lego pieces

Nintendo DSi

Using 51,324 Lego pieces NYC based Lego artist Sean Kenney created this 78?x78?x18? sculpture of the Nintendo DSi

Mona Lego

Getting all classical on us is Eric Harshbarger next to his 45-pound 6’x8? creation that was inspired by the famous Leonardo da Vinci painting. It contains 30,000 Lego pieces.

Escher’s Balcony

The team of Andrew Lipson and Daniel Shiu used around 5,000 Lego pieces to recreate the famous Escher print.


Built by Lego Master Builders this 6-foot tall rendering of the iconic superhero uses 65,000 Lego pieces.

Times Square

Saving for the last is what I consider to be the best of all and that is Sean Kenney’s Lego-based rendition of the most famous landmark in the world – Times Square. It took two months and 20,000 Lego pieces to complete.

all via Woman’s Day where you can find even more great Lego sculptures

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