WWE News: Former Superstar Says He Was Kept Off Television Because Vince McMahon Hated His Skin Color

Former WWE superstar Trevor Murdoch recently sat down with WrestleZone and discussed a variety of topics. During the interview, he talked about his experience of working in WWE and revealed why Vince McMahon wasn’t a fan of his look.

Murdoch recalled how he and his former tag partner, the late Lance Cade, struggled to get some television time early on in their respective tenures. This led to them confronting the chairman for answers regarding their lack of focus and creative direction. McMahon didn’t mince his words when he told the wrestlers what he disliked about them.

“We sat down with him, Lance is on one side, I’m on the other side, and we just asked him outright, ‘The writers are throwing ideas at you, we’re throwing ideas at you, and you keep shooting us down. What is it that you are not happy with when it comes to us?’ And he pulled his glasses down, looked at both of us, and he looked at Lance, who had black hair at the time, and he goes, ‘I hate your fake black hair.’ And he looked at me, and he goes, ‘I don’t like your pasty white skin.'”

Murdoch went on to reveal how he got tanned and Cade dyed his hair blond following the conversation. Their efforts caught the attention of McMahon, and the duo was put on television the following week. They went on to have a fairly successful period during their three-year stint, in which they became World Tag Team Champions on three separate occasions.

While the company has focused on giving opportunities to wrestlers of all shapes and sizes in recent years, Murdoch revealed that there was still a glass ceiling when he was there. McMahon favored bodybuilders and cosmetically pleasing performers, which meant he was never going to receive a main event push.

According to the former star, the promotion has normalized the idea that all wrestlers should be chiseled and perfect. However, he did say that NWA — where he currently competes — gives the most talented competitors the chance to get over, regardless of what their appearance is like.

Murdoch also recalled how he and Cade were the victims of backstage politics. They reportedly had their first title run cut short due to an argument they had with a head producer.

Murdoch isn’t the only former superstar who’s discussed McMahon in recent days. As The Inquisitr previously documented, Ryback was critical of the chairman and stated that he’s heard through the grapevine that the 75-year-old is experiencing health problems these days.

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