WWE Rumors: Former Superstar Claims Vince McMahon’s Health ‘Isn’t Great These Days’

In a recent social media post, former WWE superstar Ryback claimed that the company’s chairman, Vince McMahon, hasn’t been completely healthy in recent times.

On Saturday morning, Ryback tweeted that he wanted to “send love” to McMahon despite dealing with lots of “pain and frustration” during his time working for him. After claiming that he heard his former boss’ health “isn’t great these days” and wishing that he’d recover from whatever he might be suffering from, the former Intercontinental Champion explained that he feels this way because he wants McMahon to be healthy enough for him to “[kick] his a** fully.”

Although many of Ryback’s Twitter followers blasted him for what they felt was a bitter tirade against the chairman, there were others who observed that McMahon has not looked too well for some time.

“Frustrations over him aside, I’ve thought he’s looked poorly since around 2014, then worse by the year. Compared to other years beforehand, he seems to be aging rapidly over this past [sic] 5 years. Not quite sure what is wrong, but something doesn’t seem right with his appearance,” one user tweeted.

Despite Ryback’s claims, WrestlingNews.co pointed out that there have been multiple people — including McMahon’s daughter Stephanie and her husband Triple H — who have been open about how the WWE boss has continued to maintain a busy schedule despite his advanced age. The publication added that the 75-year-old remains very active in the office and at the gym, and is still known for operating on only a few hours of sleep.

As explained by the outlet, there haven’t been any recent reports suggesting that McMahon is in ill health. However, it was also noted that if he is currently dealing with medical issues, there’s a good chance such information is being kept as a tightly guarded secret, with his condition known only to a “small number” of people he is close with.

Since leaving WWE in 2016, Ryback hasn’t been shy about expressing his feelings about McMahon and talking about how he feels the sports entertainment mogul didn’t treat him right during his tenure with the promotion. In September, the wrestler frequently known as “The Big Guy” agreed with a fan who posited that McMahon is out of touch, adding that the chairman is a “piece of sh*t” and stressing that the “world will be a better place when he passes.”

In addition, Ryback remains embroiled in a legal battle against McMahon and Triple H as he continues to fight for the trademark rights to his ring name.

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