Peeping Toms Caught After Allegedly Falling Through Ceiling Of Women’s Room [Video]

Duluth, MN – A pair of peeping toms were caught red-handed after they allegedly fell through the ceiling of a women’s restroom at a Minnesota movie theater.

The two men, 26-year-old Eduard Petrovich Kovynev and 27-year-old Eduard Alexander Kovynev, were arrested by Gwinnett County police on Sunday night at the Venture Value Cinema in Duluth.

According to their arrest warrants, the cinema manager believes the pair – who we’re guessing are related – somehow climbed through the ceiling above the men’s restroom before crawling over to the women’s.

However, their dastardly and pervy plan went badly wrong when they reportedly fell through the ceiling and landed directly inside the (thankfully unmanned unwomanned) stalls. An officer wrote on the warrant that the alleged peeping toms were “invading the privacy” of customers.

Channel 2‘s Kerry Kavanaugh managed to convince a theater employee to show her around the site of the mens’ unexpected landing.

The reporter then tracked down one of the two suspects at his Suwanee home, but he declined to comment. You can watch Kavanaugh’s report below.

The two suspects have since been charged peeping Tom and criminal damage to property, and have now been bonded out of jail.

Last August, a New Hampshire woman found a peeping tom with a different approach: 47-year-old Christian Hobbs was allegedly found beneath the home of the woman and her toddler son. Hobbs was charged with prowling, violation of privacy, and manufacturing of child pornography following his arrest.

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