Pictures Of Alleged Nashville Bombing Person Of Interest Anthony Quinn Warner’s Home Show RV In Backyard

Anthony Quinn Warner has been identified as a person of interest in the Christmas morning bombing in downtown Nashville, and pictures from the man’s home appeared to show an RV similar to the one that was allegedly used in the attack.

As the New York Post reported, Warner has been identified as a person of interest, with authorities reportedly searching the man’s Nashville-area home on Saturday. Google street-view images of the residence, shared by reporter Nick Caloway, showed an RV that appeared to look like the one in pictures released by police after the incident early on Friday morning.

Warner was identified as the Nashville bombing person of interest by CBS News on Saturday, but police could not confirm his identity, the New York Post noted. Investigators said they had received more than 500 leads since the explosion, which rocked the area, shaking buildings and breaking windows. It was unclear whether they were considering the incident to be an act of domestic terrorism, though some have pointed out that the circumstances were similar to past terrorist attacks.

As the newspaper reported, authorities believe the attack may have actually been aimed at the building where the vehicle exploded.

“Law enforcement officials told CBS the AT&T building damaged in the blast may have been the target of the attack. AT&T still had widespread outages in the region following the blast,” the report said.

Other reporters noted that the explosion impacted communications throughout the area, interrupting internet connections and taking down credit card processing machines. As a result, some stores in the area could only accept cash from shoppers on December 26.

As The Tennessean reported, investigators from a number of federal agencies along with the Metro Nashville Police Department arrived at a house in Antioch just before 11 a.m. on Saturday. As the outlet noted, neighbors confirmed that they had seen a vehicle that looked like the one caught on surveillance camera driving to the site of the blast.

“Neighbors told The Tennessean an RV similar to the one in the explosion was parked at the home within the last two weeks,” the report said.

“Authorities declined to comment on the activity in Antioch during an afternoon update.”

Investigators have not offered any details on a potential motive for the Nashville bombing, and they have yet to confirm Warner’s identity. It was not clear if the man was considered a suspect, or if he was wanted for questioning of any other kind.

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