After Donald Trump Asked Sidney Powell To Investigate Voter Fraud, W.H. Aides Are Reportedly Freezing Her Out

White House aides are reportedly blocking lawyer Sidney Powell from contacting Donald Trump after he had raised the idea that she serve as a special counsel to investigate election fraud.

As The Daily Mail reported, Powell met with Trump in the Oval Office this week as a group of the president’s closest allies discussed strategies to overturn the results of the election and keep Trump in the White House. It was at this meeting that Trump reportedly brought up the idea of Powell serving as a special counsel to investigate allegations of election fraud.

But Powell has reportedly been blocked from contacting Trump since then. She said in an interview with Zenger News this week that top aides had been freezing her out since that meeting.

“‘I’ve been blocked from speaking to or communicating with the president since I left the Oval Office… by apparently everyone around him,” she said, via The Daily Mail.

Powell went on to explain that — after Trump made a verbal offer for her to lead an investigation — senior officials from the Office of White House Counsel have stopped her from giving Trump the paperwork necessary to make it official.

Powell has brought forward a number of court cases seeking to reverse the outcome of the presidential election and invalidate the voting results, but was unsuccessful in the attempts. Many of the lawsuits have come under intense scrutiny, with judges slamming the unfounded claims and legal experts mocking the many errors and incorrect statements in them. As The Inquisitr reported, one filing claimed to have uncovered illegal voting in Edison County, Michigan, a place that does not exist.

Mike Dunford, lawyer and intellectual property researcher at Queen Mary University of London, analyzed Powell’s so-called “Kraken” lawsuit for The Bulwark and wrote it was filled with grammatical and spelling errors and was “way dumber than you realize.” The arguments were torn apart by judges, he noted.

“Their case was such complete nonsense that two courts and four judges decided it was too dumb to fix,” Dunford wrote.

Trump has continued to press claims that the victory was stolen from him and reports say he raised the idea of having Mike Pence refuse to certify the Electoral College results when he oversees the vote tally next month. As The Inquisitr reported, some top aides have had to explain to Trump that Pence’s role is mostly symbolic as president of the U.S. Senate and he does not actually have the power to stop Joe Biden from being named the winner.

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