Joe Biden CIA Appointee Worked With China Propaganda Organization, Report Says

A Friday report from The National Pulse claimed that a Joe Biden Central Intelligence Agency appointee who was placed in Barack Obama’s administration — Michael O’Hanlon — worked with a Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-run propaganda organization in 2012.

According to the publication, the think tank — the China Association for International Friendly Contact (CAIFC) — was identified by the United States government in 2018 to be engaged in “undercover intelligence gathering” operations as well as plans to pressure foreign officials into supporting select CCP policies.

O’Hanlon worked on the CIA’s External Advisory Board from 2011 to 2012. At the end of his CIA stint, he allegedly visited the CAIFC’s Peace and Development Research Center on August 23, 2012. According to the think tank, O’Hanlon praised the organization during his appearance.

“He came and hoped to hear opinions on Sino-U.S. relations and regional hot-spot issues from scholars of the center. The opinions he got may provide references for his book about Sino-U.S. relations which he was writing with Steinberg, former U.S. Deputy Secretary,” a summary from the Peace and Development Research Center read.

A report from the U.S.-China Security and Economic Review commission identified the CAIFC as part of China’s United Work Front, which aims to “co-opt and neutralize” opposition to the CCP’s policies and authority.

“The United Front strategy uses a range of methods to influence overseas Chinese communities, foreign governments, and other actors to take actions or adopt positions supportive of Beijing’s preferred policies.”

As reported by CBN News, John Ratcliffe, U.S. director of National Intelligence, warned that China is the country’s top national security threat and is vying to dominate the world militarily, technologically, and economically. Interestingly, O’Hanlon spoke to CBN News and appeared to support Ratcliffe’s worries.

“It is the way that a great power, with a non-democratic government, chooses to seek to extend its influence worldwide,” he said.

As Biden prepares to take over the White House, scrutiny has renewed on his and his son’s alleged links to China. This scrutiny intensified after a video of Di Dongsheng, a professor at Renmin University in Beijing, China, claimed that Biden’s administration is favorable to Donald Trump’s for China’s interests. He also said that Barack Obama’s administration was easy to manipulate compared to George W. Bush and said that the East Asia country has officials placed in top levels of the U.S. government.

Di notably claimed that China has a regime agent working as vice president of a prominent Wall Street financial organization. The purported agent allegedly helped China with a 2015 propaganda operation in Washington.

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