Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Britt’s Indecisive, Maxie’s Excited, & Anna Chats With Jackie

General Hospital spoilers tease that viewers have a lot of good stuff to look forward to seeing during the week of December 28. There are no new episodes airing on Thursday or Friday of this week due to the Christmas holiday. However, new shows return on Monday and it sounds as if things will be pretty wild.

The situation regarding Sonny will surely be front-and-center during the coming days. General Hospital teasers indicate that Carly will struggle when Chase shows up to talk to her about Sonny. It sounds as if she will manage to keep what she knows to herself, but her concerns about her husband’s whereabouts will continue to escalate.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Britt will struggle to make a tough decision. The sneak peek for Monday’s General Hospital revealed that she will meet up with Jason. She will mention needing to make sure she’s on the right side of things, and he seems to be waiting for an answer.

This is surely tied to Cyrus and all of the chaos surrounding him of late. She has learned enough now to realize her boss is not the upstanding guy he’d like to convince people he is. He even approached Britt about some plans involving General Hospital that she felt quite uncomfortable about.

Despite Britt’s concerns with Cyrus, she’s seemingly a bit leery of trusting Jason and aligning with him too.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Maxie and Peter will decide on a name for their baby girl. Obrecht is secretly on her way back to Port Charles, and her determination to destroy Peter is seemingly stronger than ever.

Jackie will be back in Port Charles, and she’ll be supporting an old friend. Finn will be struggling with remorse and Chase will soon run into Willow.

Michael and Willow have found themselves in a bit of a strange place regarding their marriage. They slept together and see some potential there. However, now that they know Chase and Sasha never cheated on them, they’re drawn to their previous loves too. General Hospital spoilers suggest that another tough discussion between Willow and Michael is coming soon.

During the coming week, Finn will get involved in the messy situation with Alexis. He’s supported her in her sobriety before, and now that she’s resisting sobriety and rehab, he’ll be quite worried. Can he get through to her when Diane and her daughters couldn’t?

Anna will be having a talk with Jackie soon, and that could be quite the interesting chat. Will Anna try to pin down whether or not Chase actually could be Finn’s son after all?

Unfortunately, an encore episode of General Hospital airs next Thursday again, and Friday will be preempted for sports. However, the New Year should kick back into full-blown action with plenty of chaos on the way.

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