‘General Hospital’ Teases That Chase May Be Finn’s Son After All & Fans Feel Vindicated

During Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital, Finn told Anna about his one-night stand with Jackie. An interesting tidbit emerged during this conversation that immediately generated a fair amount of buzz across social media.

For some time now, General Hospital viewers had speculated that it could turn out that Chase would be Finn’s son, not his brother. Until Tuesday’s episode aired, there did not seem to be any reason to suspect that Finn had considered this possibility. However, apparently, that wasn’t actually the case.

Finn told Anna about sleeping with Jackie and then avoiding his family for years. He also mentioned that some months after that fling, he visited Jackie and she held baby Chase in her arms.

Anna questioned this, asking her fiance if he was Chase’s biological father. He said that Jackie had insisted the dates did not match up for that to be the case. Despite that, it remained on his mind. He told Anna, however, that he never pursued it further as he didn’t want to break up what he perceived to be a happy family.

“and boom, there it is.. ‘there’s a chance Chase is your son’ so all this time, subconsciously, Finn had that thought in the back of his brain,” one General Hospital fan tweeted.

Even though General Hospital fans anticipated this development, that doesn’t mean that everybody’s happy about it.

“Dun dun DUNNNN…. but I really hope Chase isn’t Finn’s son. Their relationship as brothers is so good, and it would be a shame to change that dynamic,” a show viewer tweeted.

“Who the daddy? Gregory or Finn. It would be more intriguing if it is Finn. But who knows?” someone else pondered.

As this conversation between Anna and her fiance played out, more than a few General Hospital viewers felt that this would have been the perfect time for her to confess too. She still hasn’t come clean with him regarding Peter’s maternity, but it looks as if she’s staying mum on that for now.

What comes next with this new paternity drama? According to SheKnows Soaps, it might be next Tuesday before this group is featured on-air again.

During the December 29 episode of General Hospital, Jackie will support an old friend while Finn struggles with remorse. In addition, Chase will cross paths with Willow at a charity event.

Soon, Finn will get involved in the messy situation with Alexis. Anna and Jackie will have a discussion on December 30, and this could certainly be a bit tense.

General Hospital spoilers hint that it will take until early 2021 to get any solid answers on this paternity situation. That is unless Anna manages to get Jackie to come clean during their upcoming chat. Viewers have been waiting to see this brought up and it sounds as if there is much more to be explored in the weeks ahead.

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